【Tokyo Ikebukuro Cocktail】These Japanese Craft Cocktails never Cease to Surprise

【Tokyo Ikebukuro Cocktail】These Japanese Craft Cocktails never Cease to Surprise

  • This bar serves a menu full of unique, creative cocktails that you’ll see nowhere else. A total of 6 glasses will be passed to you from the bartender, and all of their contents are sure to blow your mind!
  • Classic cocktails are available, but the highlight of this bar is its original concoctions. Everything from extraordinary visuals to exotic ingredients — they’ve got you covered!
  • While they're beautiful, they're not just all for show. The only way to experience their dedication to quality is to visit yourself!


Area Tokyo Ikebukuro
Meeting place 10th Matsumoto BLDG 7F, 2-53-10 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Access 7 min walk from Ikebukuro station West exit
Meeting time Please come by the starting time.
Duration About 2 hours 30 minutes
Activity Code ACk005401
supported language English
Minimum number of participants 1person

Meeting place


  • ① Your night begins.
    ② Enjoy your cocktails, and your company.
    ③ To the exit...
      CRAFT COCKTAIL TOKYO awaits you on the 7th floor of its building. It was originally run as a members-only bar in Shinjuku by its owner, who opened a second, more approachable store in Ikebukuro. Don't be intimidated by the authentic-looking storefront; everybody is welcome!
    • The Most Creative Cocktails
      Dry Ice on a cocktail? Fun, but maybe you've seen that before. A rubber ducky? Probably not. When the bartender starts shaking, it's your cue to be entertained!
    • An Abundant Selection of Cocktails
      The menu shows an incredibly diverse selection of cocktails. Alongside the usual classics, you will find quirky and visually entertaining cocktails, as well as ones that truly cherish the natural flavors of their fresh fruit and herbal ingredients.
      When thinking of new cocktails, the bar values inspiration from all kinds of places - lifestyle stores, artworks from abroad, and even 100-yen shops!
    • The Cocktails here aren't Just Pretty!
      The cocktails are made with a philosophy of 4 phases: "looking, drinking, eating, and enjoying". You might be hit by their shock factor first, but the hands behind them belong to professionals, making their quality nothing but genuine.
    • Enjoying your Counter Experience
      The star of the counter is the cocktail, but the stagehand is just as interesting. If you get them talking, the bartenders might tell you some secrets about the cocktails!


Included in the fee
6 cocktails, tax
Not included in the fee
Personal expenses
20 years old and above (Drinking age is 20 years old in Japan so you must be 20 years old to drink)
Cancellation policy
Cancellation on the day and no show: 100% of the fee
Changing booking details
Please make changes on the reservation screen yourself.
Special Notes
The cocktails offered will vary depending on the day.
Operating Company

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