【Tokyo/Ikebukuro/Otter Cafe】Meet & Feed Otters in Tokyo! 1hr with Lovely Animals

【Tokyo/Ikebukuro/Otter Cafe】Meet & Feed Otters in Tokyo! 1hr with Lovely Animals

  • Meet the adorable otters of Ikebukuro, Tokyo! Otter cafe “Kotsumeito” provides a rare opportunity for you to mingle with otters, flying squirrels, and hedgehogs. As you hold them and pet them on your lap, their charming mannerisms and innocent gaze are sure to heal your soul!
  • In this otter cafe experience, you’ll also have the chance to feed the otters. The way the otters grab and eat their food with their paws is an adorable sight that will put a smile on your face!
  • The otters you see at otter cafe “Kotsumeito” are Asian small-clawed otters, whose populations have suffered greatly from poaching, environmental change and otherwise sudden deaths. It’s not every day that you can pet and feed these otters so up close, and you can do it right here in Tokyo!!


Area Tokyo Ikebukuro
Meeting place Narita BLDG 5th floor, 1-29-4 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Access 6-minute walk from "Ikebukuro" station east exit
Meeting time Please come 10 minutes before the starting time
Duration About 1 hour
Activity Code ACk001101
supported language Japanese, English
Minimum number of participants 1person

Meeting place


  • ① Arrive at otter cafe “Kotsumate” (Ikebukuro, Tokyo)
    ② Petting time (30 minutes): flying squirrels and hedgehogs.
    ③ Petting time (30 minutes): otters
    ④ End of the experience
    • Arriving at otter cafe “Kotsumate”: It’s time to meet the animals!
      As soon as you leave the elevator, you will see the reception counter to the otter cafe: Kotsumate. This otter cafe isn’t just for otters; there are also flying squirrels and hedgehogs, making this more of a petting zoo with many kinds of animals! Once you get past the reception counter, it’s finally time to meet the animals!
    • Meeting the flying squirrels: look at their big, teary eyes!
      Your first stop in the otter cafe will be the flying squirrels and hedgehogs. Flying squirrels are highly defensive animals, but the ones at otter cafe Kotsumate are incredibly used to human beings. They’ll even start climbing your clothes! Their big, innocent eyes will charm you on first sight!
    • Meeting the hedgehogs: not as prickly as you think
      Next up in this otter cafe are the spiny hedgehogs. As long as you pay attention to the direction of their spikes, you can pet them without hurting yourself! Hedgehogs are known to curl up under stress, but once they get used to you, they’ll happily open themselves up to you. The key is to hold them gently from their underside!
      Next up is the star of the otter cafe, the Asian small-clawed otters!
    • Meeting the otters: the stars of the otter cafe!
      Finally, meet the otters of otter cafe Kotsumate. You’ve probably seen otters in aquariums, but you can rarely get so close to them! The otters at Kotsumate are Asian small-clawed otters, or “Kotsume-kawauso” in Japanese — hence the name of this otter cafe!
      The otters at this cafe are friendly, and will greet you with a relaxed posture the moment you pet them! Nothing is quite as charming as the otters' soft fur and loving gaze.
    • Feeding experience with the otters!
      In this otter cafe experience, you’ll also have the chance to feed the otters! One of their biggest charms is the way they use their adorable paws. When you show the otters their food, they’ll reach their paws as if to say “gimme!”
      The way the otters use their paws to eat is also a lovely sight that will put a smile on your face.
    • Where does Kotsumeito get its otters?
      Asian small-clawed otters have greatly decreased in population due to poaching, environmental change, and otherwise sudden deaths. Committed to caring for this suffering species of otters, Kotsumate has legally imported all of its Asian small-clawed otters.
      Currently, the importation of Asian small-clawed otters has been prohibited by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, and efforts are being made towards domestic breeding in Japan. The species is not highly reproductive, both in the wild and in domestic environments, and this makes the birth of a baby otter such a big deal, that it can even become televised news!


Included in the fee
・Experience fee
・3 types of snacks on weekdays (for otters, flying squirrel, and hedgehogs)
・2 types of snacks on weekends and holidays (for otter and flying squirrel or hedgehog snacks)
・original souvenir pins
・The store is kept at a warm temperature for the animals. Please arrive in layered clothes that are easy to adjust for heat, and you don't mind getting dirty.
・Please remove accessories in the store.
Cancellation policy
Cancellation on the day or no-show: 100% of the fee
Special Notes
【Rules for interacting with the animals】
・ Please disinfect with alcohol, before and after touching animals.
・ Please refrain from flash photography.
・ The animals may bite.
・ Injuries and damage to your possessions will not be insured by the establishment.
・ Please do not hold the otters
・ Otters bite you when you touch them while they are eating snacks.
・ Remove watches and accessories from your wrist.
・ Please do not give anything other than snacks (animal snacks).

【Other notes】
・ The store prepares disinfectants and bandages as an emergency measure, but cannot insure for injuries or property damage. Thank you for your understanding.
・ Please refrain from any acts that may inconvenience other customers.
・ This is a timed experience. You will be asked to make way for the next customer as soon as your time is up.
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