【Tokyo Shinjuku Samurai】Sword Fighting Experience: Learn to Fight like a Samurai in the Movies!

【Tokyo Shinjuku Samurai】Sword Fighting Experience: Learn to Fight like a Samurai in the Movies!

¥ 7,700 〜 ¥ 15,400

  • Join a samurai sword fighting experience in Shinjuku, Tokyo! Here, you'll learn “tate”, a Japanese art of stage fighting used in many samurai movies and stage plays. Recently, this “tate” has attracted the world’s spotlight as a leading culture of Japan! Become a samurai in this sword fighting experience, and learn the spectacular moves of a real tate actor! Joined by instructors who are active stage performers themselves, you’ll experience the authentic culture of tate with a sword in hand.
  • This “tate” sword fighting class will take you through wearing the kimono, the samurai’s etiquettes, the basics of handling a sword, and culminate in a fully-acted sword fight sequence with your instructors as your attackers! You’ll be put in the shoes of a real samurai, and go through the exhilarating experience of defeating your enemies with a katana. It's sure to get your heart pumping!
  • “Tate” stage fighting doesn’t only look cool; it focuses greatly on the spirituality and etiquette of wielding a sword. You'll experience firsthand the visual beauty of "tate" sword fighting, created by the refinement of the practitioner's spirit and body!


Area Tokyo Shinjuku
Meeting place Studio Zipang: New Laurel BLDG B1, 1-34-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access 5-minute walk from "Shinjuku 3-Chome" station
5-minute walk from "Shinjuku-Gyoen" station
Meeting time Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the starting time.
Duration About 60 minutes
Activity Code ACk004801
supported language Japanese, English
Minimum number of participants 2persons

Meeting place


  • ① Arriving for the experience
    ② The sword fighting experience begins! Change into the samurai’s kimono
    ③ Experience samurai manners and etiquette
    ④ Sword fighting basics: Learn the basic stances and movements of “Tate” sword fighting
    ⑤ Action Sequence: Experience a full-fledged sword fighting scene
    ⑥ Photoshoot
    • Samurai Sword Fighting Experience with SAMURAI’ve
      If you've ever seen a samurai movie, you've probably seen the action-packed fight scenes between katana-wielding samurai. The swift, elegant manner in which the samurai actors carry themselves in these scenes, is actually created by Japanese style of stage fighting called "Tate" (pronounced ta-teh). At least once in their life, any film fan is sure to have aspired to be just like the formidable samurai in the screen.
      Would you want to experience this esteemed Japanese tradition of "Tate", wearing a full kimono and mock sword?  The art of "Tate" isn't just about swinging a sword - it's also about learning the "heart of Japan" hidden within!
    • Look the part first! Wearing the samurai attire
      To begin your experience, you'll choose your kimono for the day from the 10 available choices. Your instructor will help you get dressed, so you don't need to know how to wear it! Putting your arms through the sleeves of the kimono, and tightening the sash will really get you in the mood of the experience. Pass the weighty katana through the sash, and voila - you're a proper samurai now! 
    • Learn the spirit of Bushido through Tate: “All things begin and end with a bow”
      The sword isn’t getting drawn yet! Set your sword aside next, for a lesson on the manners and mindset of a samurai. The sword will be taken out of the waistband and placed to the right, opposite to from where it is normally drawn. This was an etiquette of the samurai, practiced to show that one has no intention of drawing their weapon, and therefore no hostility.
      Sit in the "seiza" position (as shown in the picture) and close your eyes for a moment of meditation. As the room falls into a deep silence, it's time for you to reflect on your own spirit. This meditation acts as a kind of switch to get you focused on what's coming next: the Tate sword fighting experience!
    • 10 “kata” forms: The basics of Tate sword fighting
      It’s finally time to learn the motions of sword fighting! The action scenes of “tate” are created by combining basic “kata” forms into sequences. This experience will teach you 10 forms, including “Batto” (sword draw), “Joudan-gamae” (upper stance) and “Makko-giri” (straight slash).
      The basic philosophy of Tate sword fighting, which is a form of stage fighting, is to make "large, visible movements". This allows the audience to easily be able to tell what is happening on-stage. The actor must fully internalize the movements, and perform them smoothly, elegantly, and in a dignified manner. If you look at your fellow participants, they're sure to have a strong, focused expression! Even if you're still a beginner, raising your voice and swinging the sword will instantly make you feel more like a hardened samurai!
    • Test your new skills in a Tate sword fighting performance!
      Your Tate sword fighting experience will culminate in a "tachimawari" - a full Tate performance in which you'll play the role of the samurai cutting down their enemies! Almost like a real-life samurai, you'll dodge the opponent's attacks with ease and slash into their split-second opening. The exhilaration of cutting down your attackers like a heroic samurai is sure to get your heart pumping, and is a feeling like no other. Take the Tate sword fighting experience to become part of a spectacular samurai action sequence!
    • Commemorative Photoshoot: After the sword fighting experience
      The exciting sword fighting experience will end with a photoshoot. 
      One of the beauties of Tate sword fighting, is that it's not just about the looks. It inherits a samurai tradition of reflecting deep into one's spirit, and puts great emphasis on training etiquette and mindset. If you're interested in refining your mind and physique to take part in a beautiful Japanese tradition of spectacle sword fighting, this Tate experience might be just for you!


Included in the fee
Experience fee, kimono & sword rental, taxes
・In the case that participants are late, the program will proceed as scheduled.
・After 15 minutes of lateness, the program will be cancelled.
Cancellation policy
Cancellations in the following time frames will be charged their respective percentages of the initial experience fee:
4 to 7 days prior: 30% of the fee
1 to 3 days prior: 50% of the  fee
On the day: 100% of the fee
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