【Tokyo/Ginza】E-bike Tour of Tokyo's Streets & Views: Luxury Kobe Beef Lunch in Ginza!

【Tokyo/Ginza】E-bike Tour of Tokyo's Streets & Views: Luxury Kobe Beef Lunch in Ginza!

  • Join a refreshing bike tour through Tokyo! Tokyo is a city of constant innovation and unchanging tradition; the more you explore, the more you’ll find. On this tour, you’ll be taking your E-bike to iconic, historic locations like Nihon-bashi and Tsukishima, as well as the glamorous city of downtown Ginza. The tour will wrap up with an exquisite Kobe beef lunch. With so much to experience, this bike tour will leave no itches unscratched!
  • Through old-town alleys, to the ends of wharfs… this tour is full of places that only a bike tour will take you to. This is your chance to experience Tokyo up-close, and discover new things about the city that you never noticed before!
  • The motor-assisted E-bike is a joy to ride, and you hardly need to pedal! Let the bike do the work, as it glides with ease over the many ups and downs of Tokyo’s streets.


Area Tokyo (Akihabara, Tokyo Bay area, Ginza / Tsukiji)
Meeting place MAACH ecute KANDA MANSEIBASHI S4 1-25-4 kandasudacho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Access 5-minute walk from Akihabara Station
Meeting time Please arrive by the starting time
Duration About 3 hours
Activity Code ACk002904
supported language English
Minimum number of participants 1person

Meeting place


  • ① Nihonbashi
    ② Tsukishima
    ③ Harumi Wharf
    ④ Tsukiji
    ⑤ Ginza (Lunch)
    *The route is subject to change according to circumstances
    • The E-bike tour begins at mAAch Ecute Mansebashi!
      You’ll be renting your E-bikes from “Docomo Bike-share Cycle Station”. It’s located inside the commercial complex “mAAch Ecute Manseibashi.” It’ll be hard to miss, with the red E-bikes lined up in front!
      Once everybody is ready, it’s time to depart on your bike tour! The motor assist on the E-bikes will help you get up and down Tokyo's many hills. With hardly any pedaling, the bike will keep going exactly where you want; it’s a liberating cycling experience!
    • Nihonbashi Bridge: A Memento of Tokyo's History
      In the Edo period, Nihonbashi Bridge was the starting point of many voyages across the Tokaido “Eastern Sea Route” connecting Tokyo to Kyoto. The current bridge that has come to symbolize the city with its stone, dual arch construction, is actually the 20th! Even as 400 years pass after its birth, the bridge continues to be loved by Tokyo's people as an important piece of the city’s history. Take a good look at the bridge, and the centuries of stories etched into its stone!
      The winged statue standing in the center of the bridge, is of the mythological beast Kirin. This is a rare winged depiction of the beast, sculpted in tribute to the many voyages that “took off” from this location.
    • Tsukishima: Seeing Tokyo's Past and Present
      Tsukishima, Tokyo has some of the richer historical backgrounds of the city. It is also a hotspot of Monja-yaki, with over 60 restaurants in the area serving the popular dish. Tsukishima also retains much of its old townscape. Walk into any major street of Tsukishima and you will see densely packed rows of traditionally styled buildings.
      On the other hand, the surroundings of Tsukishima station are full of the hyper-modern; with its commercial venues and high-rises, Tsukishima becomes a great place to discover Tokyo’s past and present, all in one place!
    • Harumi Wharf: A secret viewpoint, only for those who know!
      Harumi Wharf grants you a wide view of the Tokyo Bay, on top of which crosses the beautiful Rainbow Bridge, a structure synonymous with the City itself. Getting here is where the bike tour shines! The wharf is hard to access by car and public transit, making it a lesser-known place for tourism. With an amazing backdrop all to yourselves, ready your cameras for some amazing shots!
    • Ginza: The Upscale Glamor of Downtown Tokyo
      Ginza is a world center of transmission for all things new, from fashion to food to culture! Luxury businesses like upscale restaurants and brand retailers give the city a feeling of prestige and glamor. While retaining the tradition of the area’s long-running businesses, redevelopment has brought brand-new shopping malls to the area too. Explore Ginza, and feel the city’s elegance firsthand!
    • Kobe Beef Lunch: The moment you've been waiting for!
      It’s finally time for lunch! On the menu is one of Japan’s most prized delicacies, Kobe beef! With their abundant knowledge of the Ginza area, your guide will pick out an amazing restaurant for you to try some exquisite Kobe beef. Experience Ginza, a city full of Gourmet food, with this luxurious meal!
      *Lunch is not included in the tour fee.


Included in the fee
Guide Fee, Bike Fee, Snack & Bottled Drinks, Insurance,Tax
Not included in the fee
Any other fees not stated above
・The tour may be cancelled due to poor weather.
・Participants must be at least 10 years old, and over 130cm tall.
・You must be able to ride a bicycle.
・A maximum of 6 people per booking.
*Lunch is not included in the tour fee
Things to bring
Not Specified
Cancellation policy
The day before: 50% of the reservation fee.
On the day or no show: 100% of the reservation fee.
Operating Company
Japan Attendant

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