【Akihabara Anime Tour】Into the world of Otakus! Akihabara Anime E-Bike Tour

【Akihabara Anime Tour】Into the world of Otakus! Akihabara Anime E-Bike Tour

  • Take an E-bike through Akihabara, Tokyo! Discover the endless world of anime and gaming in Akihabara, the world center of otaku culture! This tour will take you to a number of stores in Akihabara, all with abundant stocks of anime merchandise and video games that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. You’ll also visit Kanda-myoujin Shrine, a place actually featured in a world-famous anime! Will this be your gateway into the otaku world of devoted hobbyists?
  • A common feature of Akihabara’s stores, is how many of them fully specialize in just one genre of product. Whether that be anime merch, capsule toys, or retro games, you’re sure to be awed by their unparalleled stock variety!
  • Just a short trip away from Akihabara’s bustling otaku culture, you’ll be greeted by a vastly different ambience. This tour will also take you through the vibrant nature of Ueno Park, and the old-town traditions of Asakusa and Yanaka. Experience the many aspects of Tokyo’s city life!


Area Tokyo (Akihabara, Ueno)
Meeting place MAACH ecute KANDA MANSEIBASHI S4 1-25-4 kandasudacho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Access 5-minute walk from Akihabara Station
Meeting time Please arrive by the starting time.
Duration About 3.5 hours
Activity Code ACk002903
supported language English
Minimum number of participants 1person

Meeting place


  • ① Akihabara Radio Kaikan
    ② Don Quijote Akihabara 
    ③ Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan (capsule toy hall)
    ④ Super Potato
    ⑤ Ueno Park / Shinobazu Pond
    ⑥ Kanda Myojin Shrine
    ⑦ Asakusa/Yanaka (either or)
    ※route is subject to change according to circumstance
    • The E-bike tour begins at mAAch Ecute Mansebashi!
      You’ll be renting your E-bikes from “Docomo Bike-share Cycle Station”. It’s located inside the commercial complex “mAAch Ecute Manseibashi.” It’ll be hard to miss, with the red E-bikes lined up in front!
      Once everybody is ready, it’s time to depart on your bike tour! The motor assist on the E-bikes will help you get up and down Tokyo's many hills. With hardly any pedaling, the bike will keep going exactly where you want; the feeling is liberating!
    • Representing Akihabara’s otaku culture since 1950: Radio Kaikan
      With its giant neon sign reading “Radio Kaikan Akihabara of the World”, this building is one that has come to represent the city of Akihabara. At the time of its establishment, “Radio” was used as a blanket term for all electronics. The Radio Kaikan was built in 1950, and became home to a number of smaller businesses also carrying the word “radio” in their names. In 2014, the building was renovated and opened anew. Alongside household appliances and computer parts, the building now houses businesses retailing anime merchandise, plastic models and books. Incorporating Akihabara’s otaku culture, the Radio Kaikan continues evolving to represent Akihabara as a city!
    • Don Quijote Akihabara: filled with the colors of Akihabara!
      Among Don Quijote’s many branches in Japan, the Akihabara store is an oddball. The shelves are filled with merchandise that speak to the otaku’s heart, like T-shirts that scream anime quotes and internet memes!
      Another thing that sets this store apart is the cosplay hall on the 5th floor. Ranging from maid outfits to anime characters, an astounding selection of over 1,400 costumes await, including some one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t be found anywhere else! Regardless of the degree of your interest in cosplay, this is the ultimate toy store for any lover of otaku culture! 
    • 500+ capsule machines! Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan: the "Holy Land" of capsule toys
      Bet you’ve never seen so many “Gachapons”! Gachapons are vending machines for capsule toys, and Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan’s display of a staggering 500 is worthy of its nickname as the “holy land of Gachapon”. 50 new machines are brought onboard every month, so no two visits will be the same! Their collection is naturally popular to children, and also tickles the collector in every nostalgic adult. With so many machines, you’re sure to find a favorite!
    • A journey to the pixels of old! Retro games at Super Potato Akihabara
      What greets you there is a staggering wall of video games! Super Potato Akihabara is known as the place to go for retro games, with its ridiculous selection of 50,000 discontinued games and consoles. It’s an absolute treasure trove for anybody who grew up with them.
      Super Potato Akihabara also has a working arcade of retro games that you can play with! The games have an inherent nostalgia that will make you feel like you’ve slipped back into your childhood.
    • The calming embrace of mother nature: Ueno Onshi Park/Shinobazu pond
      In both size and facilities, Ueno Onshi Park stands a head above the many other parks of Tokyo. It is known as the oldest park in Japan, and with its autumn leaves and spring blossoms, the nature in the park is beautiful all year-round. Out of the many attractions in the park, the tour will visit Shinobazu pond. This pond is a renown hotspot of lotus-viewing, and when the flowers are in season between July and September, the entire pond is blanketed in a delicate pink. Ueno Park’s natural landscape is a vibrant one that makes you forget your place in Tokyo, and is a great host for a moment of relaxation.
    • The crossing of anime and history! Kanda Myojin Shrine
      Kanda Myojin Shrine is nicknamed the “guardian diety of Edo (the old name of Tokyo)” and was deeply worshipped by the shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa.
      The shrine has a history of over 1,300 years, and is said to repel evil forces while granting fortune to the family, relationship-seekers, businesses, and merchants.
      What attracts many anime fans to this shrine, is the “Myojin Otokozaka” hill within the precincts; this steep staircase was featured in a globally popular anime! In collaboration with the anime, the shrine has produced many pieces of merchandise for the fans. They’ve been popular enough to sell out every time! Kanda Myojin Shrine not only offers a look into the historical, but also modern entertainment culture. It’s a must-see spot for anime-lovers!


Included in the fee
Guide Fee, Bike Fee, Snack & Bottled Drinks, Insurance,Tax
Not included in the fee
Any other fees not stated above
・The tour may be cancelled due to poor weather.
・Participants must be at least 10 years old, and over 130cm tall.
・You must be able to ride a bicycle.
・A maximum of 6 people per booking.
Things to bring
Not specified
Cancellation policy
The day before: 50% of the reservation fee.
On the day or no show: 100% of the reservation fee.
Operating Company
Japan Attendant

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