【Tokyo Ikebana Experience】Try Ikebana Flower Arrangement & Explore a 100 Year-Old Traditional Japanese Home in Ueno!

【Tokyo Ikebana Experience】Try Ikebana Flower Arrangement & Explore a 100 Year-Old Traditional Japanese Home in Ueno!

  • Learn Japanese flower arrangement in this Tokyo ikebana experience! Your experience takes place in a quaint old-town sector of Tokyo, and what you’ll learn here is “ikebana”, a traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement. Ikebana isn’t just about the flowers; the leaves, branches, vase and even space all come together as expressive pieces of the arrangement. Your helpful instructor makes this ikebana experience a great one for beginners too!
  • Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, is said to be an “aesthetic of subtraction”. Rather than squeezing together a rainbow of flowers, ikebana aims for a rich minimalism, in which a few flowers make the most out of their space. Channel your artistic intuition as you take a deep breath, and face the flowers in a moment of serenity.
  • After your ikebana experience, you’ll have some time to relax. Some Japanese tea and Wagashi (Japanese sweets) will be served to you, so sit back and enjoy!
  • Your ikebana flower arrangement experience takes place in a 100 year-old Japanese traditional home! A home tour at the end of your experience, will give you a taste of Japan’s history and lifestyle!


Area Tokyo Ueno
Meeting place 27-6 Higashi Ueno 3-Chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Access 3-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line "Inaricho station"
Meeting time Please come before the starting time
Duration About 1.5 hours
Activity Code ACk003801
supported language English
Minimum number of participants 1person

Meeting place


  • ① Presentation on Ikebana's history & artistry
    ② Ikebana demonstration by the instructor
    ③ Try it yourself! Ikebana Experience
    ④ Your ikebana is complete! Relax with tea and Japanese sweets
    ⑤ Tour of the traditional Japanese home
    • What is Ikebana, the Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement?
      Ikebana is a traditional art of Japan, that arranges a variety of flowers, plants, and components to create a single work of artistry. The word "ikebana" describes the action of planting a flower into a vase, but it involves far more than just flowers. The leaves, branches, mosses, and even the vase itself come together as components, that combine into a single piece of "ikebana".
      Ikebana also has a long history as a part of Japanese culture. The art is said to have been brought into Japan along with Buddhism, in which ikebana works were crafted in tribute to Buddha. From the Muromachi period, ikebana entered the lives of nobles and warriors as a cultured pastime, and eventually gained popularity among the common classes. Ikebana has thus made its way into our modern day, as an accessible and enjoyable art for anybody to experience.
    • The "Aesthetic of Subtraction"
      After some instructions, the ikebana experience begins!
      Ikebana is said to be an "aesthetic of subtraction." Instead of squeezing together a rainbow of different flowers, ikebana aims to arrange the richest space with the fewest flowers.
      It is said that a work of ikebana flower arrangement, is also a display of its maker's own heart. Channel your artistic intuition as you take a deep breath, and face the flowers in a moment of serenity.
    • Your Ikebana Flower Arrangement is Complete!
      Once your ikebana piece is complete, it's time to get a good look at it. Most of your usual bouquets and flower arrangements don't have a true preference in the way they should be seen, but an ikebana arrangement isn't complete until it's examined straight-on. Creating an ikebana flower arrangement is similar to painting; the placement and direction of the flowers, as well as their spacing and presence are a part of the work.
      Will you put your flower arrangement at your front door, living room, or dining room? A work of ikebana can add a splash of color to your everyday life, and where to put it is up to you!
    • House Tour through the 100 year-old Traditional Japanese Home
      After the ikebana experience is over, it's time to relax your concentration. Some Japanese tea and wagashi (sweets) will be served, so sit back and take a deep breath!
      Your experience closes with a home tour by the instructor. The traditional Japanese home where your ikebana experience took place is actually 100 years old! Taking a good look will give you a taste of Japan's history and traditional lifestyle.
    • Your Instructor Masashi (Flower Designer/Certified Translator & Guide)
      The instructor for your experience, Masashi, graduated from an American university and after a career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the tourism industry, studied flower design under the acclaimed flower artist Makiko Chiba. Masashi then took up a job as a flower designer for 15 years, and has formed a large portfolio of works using a wide variety of flowers and vases.
      His ikebana experience is greatly popular to inbound overseas tourists, thanks to his fluent English and careful instruction. This beginner-friendly ikebana experience is welcoming to people of all backgrounds, and might make a great addition to your travel itinerary in Tokyo!


Included in the fee
Experience fee, Japanese tea & sweets,Taxes
Not included in the fee
Any fees not listed above
Things to bring
None necessary
Cancellation policy
*Cancellations in the following time frames, will be charged their respective percentages of the reservation fee:
- Up to 14 days before the experience date: 0% (free)
- 13 to 7 days before the experience date: 50%
- 6 days before to the day of the experience: 100%
Operating Company
Masashi KAKI Design

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