【Tokyo/Shibuya】Wear Genuine Samurai Armor! Samurai Makeover & Photo shoot

【Tokyo/Shibuya】Wear Genuine Samurai Armor! Samurai Makeover & Photo shoot

  • Transform into a Samurai in Tokyo, Shibuya! This plan is an easy way to wear a genuine samurai armor set, just like the ones actors wear in movies and TV-shoots. With the help of a professional, you’ll be looking in no time like a real samurai, complete with a sword, helmet, and kimono!
  • Once you’re fully geared up, it’s time for a photoshoot with a professional cameraman. Ornate props like hand fans and “saihai” (commanders’ batons) to go with your armor are available to make you look like a real samurai general!
  • The armor is the samurai’s lifeline, and a symbol of Japan’s warrior culture. Wear the armor to feel it firsthand, while the staff speaks on the historical background of the Samurai and their armor!
  • The photos will be given to you immediately in an SD card. Surprise your friends with some unforgettable photos!


Area Tokyo Shibuya / Ebisu
Meeting place 5-6 King Bld 7F, Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access 10-minute walk from JR Shibuya station
3-minute walk from Keio line "Shinsen" station
Meeting time 5 minutes before the starting time
Duration About 1.5 hours
Activity Code ACk003101
supported language English, Japanese
Minimum number of participants 1person

Meeting place


  • ① Meeting at the studio in Shibuya, Tokyo
    ② Information on the armors & historical figures + choosing your armor
    ③ Wear the armor
    ④ Photoshoot
    ⑤ End of the experience
    • What makes Samurai Armor Special?
      The armor worn on the battlefield by Japan’s samurai were all crafted using their times’ cutting-edge technology. They are seen by the world as being exceptionally vivid and beautiful, and are currently recognized widely as pieces of art, craftsmanship, and history.
      Armor-making techniques are still inherited to this day, and the products of their intricate craftsmanship find their way into many samurai movies and TV-shows. It goes without saying that all of the armor sets prepared here are genuine pieces made by those craftspeople
    • 7 Genuine sets of Samurai Armor that you can wear; All hand-finished by craftspeople!
      First, you must choose the armor to wear from the 7 on display. All of these sets are reproductions of real armors worn by historical samurai generals. No single one of the lavishly decorated armors falls behind in the authority of their gaze. Even the swords and spears are faithfully reproduced, adding even more to the authenticity!
      The staff will explain the historical backgrounds of these armors, as well as the samurai owners that used to wear them. Find the one that speaks most to you!
    • Gearing up! Wear the armor and transform into a Samurai!
      Once you’ve chosen your armor, it’s time to wear it! After the socks and pants, plate armor will gradually cover your arms, hands, abdomen, and shins. With a great attention to detail, your outfit will closely reproduce the get-ups of historical samurai, all the way to the helmet, sword, and kimono underneath!
      The entire set of armor adds up to a solid 20 kg. Imagining the samurai that wore it before, the weight comes to feel like a dignified heft.
    • Say cheese, Samurai! It's time for a photoshoot.
      Now that you’re geared up, it’s time to take some photos. In front of a Japanese-style backdrop, a professional cameraman will take roughly 150 shots in 15 poses. With some posing instructions from the staff, and authentic props like a hand fan and a “saihai” (commanders’ baton), you’ll be looking like a real samurai general! The staff member who helped you wear the armor will be there too, constantly giving you cues that make you feel like a model. By the time you’re finished, your expression will be that of a full-fledged samurai!
    • You'll get the Photos Immediately!
      The photoshoot data will be given to you immediately after the experience in an SD card! 
      (iPhone users may opt for an Air Drop.)
      The memories you made this day in Tokyo will be unforgettable, and will make great conversation starters if you show your friends!


Included in the fee
Experience fee, armor rental fee, photography fee, SD card cost, applicable taxes.
Not included in the fee
Printing fee
Things to bring
Everything necessary for the experience will be prepared. Please feel free to arrive empty-handed.
Restroom, dressing room
Cancellation policy
・Cancellation until the day before…no charge, full refund
・Cancellation on the day…100% of the fee
Changing booking details
Please make changes on the reservation screen yourself.
Special Notes
Upon request, photos can be taken with the participants' phones too. Feel free to ask!
Operating Company
Samurai Armor Photo Studio

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