【Tokyo/Sumo】Hands-on Sumo Wrestling Experience! In the Ring with a Former Pro

【Tokyo/Sumo】Hands-on Sumo Wrestling Experience! In the Ring with a Former Pro

  • Enter the ring with this Sumo wrestling experience in Mitaka, Tokyo! In this traditional Japanese sport, sumo wrestlers grapple for victory. This experience lets you join the wrestlers in their sacred ring, and experience sumo wrestling firsthand! A former professional sumo wrestler will teach you the sport from its basic movements, making it a great experience for people of all ages and genders!
  • In this experience, your sumo wrestling instructor will carefully take you through the basics of the sport. Starting from “Shiko” (a stomping motion performed for warm-up) and “Suriashi” (a specific walking method of sumo wresters), you'll learn about the many training methods used by professional wrestlers! By the end of the experience, you'll be ready to take part in a wrestling match!
  • Chanko soup is a stew dish traditionally served to sumo wrestlers. Participants of this experience will go home with a packaged chanko soup mix, so be sure to try it at home!


Area Tokyo Mitaka-shi
Meeting place Shinkawa 6-37-1, SUBARU Comprehensive Sports Center, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo
Access 10 minutes by taxi from "Mitaka" station
5 minute walk from Odakyu/Keio bus "Mitaka City Hall" station
Meeting time 15:30
Duration About 3 hours
Activity Code ACk000501
supported language English・Japanese
Minimum number of participants 4persons

Meeting place


  • Sumo wrestling experience
    ① Change into a “Mawashi” loincloth
    ② Learn the “Shiko” (a stomping motion performed for wresters’ warm-up)
    ③ Learn “Suriashi” walking (a specific walking method of sumo wresters)
    ④ Wrestling practice
    ⑤ Quick sumo match
    • What is Sumo?
      What do you know about Sumo? Sumo wrestling is a traditional Japanese sport in which wrestlers grapple in the ring for victory. It is said to have originated from strength contests and everyday scuffles, but has taken many forms over time as it came to be practiced for martial training, ceremonial rituals, and common entertainment. As a tradition deeply rooted in Japanese culture, sumo wrestling has developed into a full-fledged sport with established rules. Nowadays, it is a tradition that Japan is known for worldwide!
    • Enter the sacred sumo ring!
      The ring in which sumo wrestlers compete is a sacred place, normally closed off to anybody else. In this special course, anybody will be allowed to enter the ring and experience sumo firsthand! Get into the shoes of a real wrestler, and prepare yourself for a whole world of sumo!
    • The Sumo wrestling experience is great for all ages and genders!
      Learn the manners and etiquettes of sumo in motion! The careful instruction by a former professional sumo wrestler makes this a great experience for people of all ages and genders! No prior experience or preparation is needed; take your friends and family for a great time!
    • Learn the basic motions of sumo
      First, your instructor will take you through the basics, such as “Shiko”, which is a stomping motion performed by wrestlers for warm-up, and “Suriashi”, which is a particular way in which the sumo wresters walk. These sumo-specific motor skills might take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of them, you’ll be moving like a real wrestler! 
      After you’ve learned the basics, you’re ready to take on the training regimen used by real professionals, and even sparring practice!
    • Get ready for a real sumo match!
      The best part of sumo is the powerful, full-contact grappling that takes place in the ring. At the end of the experience, utilize the skills that you’ve learned during this experience for a wrestling match with your friends and instructors! Enter the ring, and feel the power of sumo wrestlers firsthand!


Included in the fee
Experience fee, clothing rental, towel, drinking water, tax 
Not included in the fee
Personal expenses
Those who have any of the following physical conditions on the day-of will not be allowed to participate.
① Any feeling of illness 
② Pregnancy
③ Intoxication
④ Drug addiction
⑤ Heart disorders, or otherwise serious diseases and injuries
⑥ Any physical conditions not suitable for the experience
Things to bring
Training wear (t-shirt, shorts, loincloth) will be available for rental. Please bring any other exercise gear that you would like to wear.
Dressing room, lockers, restroom
Cancellation policy
No refunds will be made for cancellations made by the participant.
Operating Company
Space Panda22

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