【Tokyo Harajuku Owl Cafe】Relaxing Hour at Owl's Garden! An English-inspired Owl Cafe in Harajuku, Tokyo

【Tokyo Harajuku Owl Cafe】Relaxing Hour at Owl's Garden! An English-inspired Owl Cafe in Harajuku, Tokyo

  • Visit the cute owls of Harajuku, Tokyo! Owl's Garden is an owl cafe in Harajuku, Tokyo, and provides a relaxing space for you to sit back with the owls. With an adorable owl perched on your arm, don’t forget to take plenty of photographs to remember your time in Tokyo by!
  • The owl cafe “Owl's Garden” is designed to resemble a classic English garden. The interior is filled with beautiful greenery natural light, making it a relaxing space for both humans and owls. Seeing the owls at such ease will heal your soul too!
  • Owl's Garden isn’t just an owl cafe. You’ll also have the chance to interact with hawks and falcons here! The roughly 20 birds in the cast all await your arrival!


Area Tokyo Harajuku / Omotesando
Meeting place 2nd floor, 4-31-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access 2-minute walk from Meiji Jingumae Station
6-minute walk from JR Harajuku Station
Meeting time Please arrive by the starting time
Duration 60 minutes
Activity Code ACk003001
supported language Japanese/English
Minimum number of participants 1person

Meeting place


  • ① Pre-experience Reception and instructions
    ② Interaction & photoshoot with the birds
    ③ End of the experience
    • Head to Harajuku, Tokyo to find the Owl Cafe “Owl’s Garden”
      The owl cafe “Owl’s Garden” in Harajuku, Tokyo, is an “experience-based owl theme park”. Despite its location in Harajuku, one of Tokyo’s most populated downtown areas, Owl’s Garden provides a relaxing refuge from the urban hustle of Tokyo’s streets.
      This owl cafe is just off to the side of Harajuku’s main street, and will be quite easy to find! Its glass-covered modern exterior is quite distinct, and shows off the greenery inside. Up the stairs, and in you go!
    • Owl's Garden’s interior: a cafe inspired by classic English gardens!
      Owl’s Garden is an owl cafe, with an interior designed to resemble a classic English garden. Fans of “Harry Potter” might find this connection between the UK and owls quite natural already. Meanwhile, it is a reality that the UK has a large population of owls, and many of Owl's Garden’s own originated from there too!
      An owl cafe is a unique experience as is, but Owl's Garden’s distinct interior will make for an unforgettable time! The greenery and natural light creates a relaxing, otherworldly ambience for you and the owls to feel at ease in.
    • Owls! How much do you know about them?
      Owls are a fairly rare sight for humans due to their nocturnal nature. This makes them quite difficult to find for most people, but the owl nonetheless is a familiar specie to both common knowledge and pop culture.
      Although their silent gaze and hunter’s instincts makes them intimidating on one hand, the owl has also recently become widely loved for their adorable appearance. There’s no better way to understand why, than to experience their round eyes and fluffy feathers up close!
    • Perched on your arm! The owls love people
      If you’re at an owl cafe, you have to interact with the owls! Sit back for a relaxing time with Harajuku’s cutest owls. For those of you who want a more intimate experience, you can perch the owls on your arm too! The owls come in all sizes ranging from 100 g to 1 kg in weight. Feel free to interact with more than one, and feel their differences up close!
      Some of the owls are also stars who have been taken up by various media outlets. Take advantage of the cafe’s natural light and beautiful interior, and capture some great moments with your favorite owl!
    • Not just an owl cafe! Owl's Garden also has Hawks and Falcons
      Owl’s Garden actually isn’t just a cafe with owls; there are also hawks and falcons for you to meet! This is rarely the case with owl cafes nationwide, due to the difficulty of raising them in the same environment. 
      Owl’s Garden is more than an owl cafe, but an interactive playground with all kinds of birds. Your visit will be greeted by a big, colorful cast of roughly 20 flying reptiles!


Included in the fee
Experience fee, one drink, taxes
Not included in the fee
Personal expenses
- To avoid startling the birds, or causing nuisance to other visitors, please set your phone to silent before entering the store.
- No flash photogrpahy
- Birds cannot be potty-trained, and may defecate while perched on your arm. You will be taught how to avoid it getting on your arm, but please arrive in clothes you can get dirty, as a precaution.
Cancellation policy
The day before: 50% of the reservation fee
Cancellation without prior notice: 100% of the reservation fee
Special Notes
- Upon entering the store, you will be given a code of conduct for within the premises.
- Please be warned that the birds may defecate unpredictably.
Operating Company
フクロウのお庭~Owl's garden~ Harajuku

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