【Tokyo Axe Throwing】Throw Axes in Asakusa! A New & Exciting Game of Darts! - 30 minutes

¥ 2,480 ~

【Tokyo Axe Throwing】Throw Axes in Asakusa! A New & Exciting Game of Darts! - 30 minutes

【Tokyo Axe Throwing】Throw Axes in Asakusa! A New & Exciting Game of Darts! - 30 minutes

Experience the exhilarating thrill of axe throwing, a new form of entertainment that’s finally arrived in Japan! The rules of axe throwing is similar to darts; throw axes at a target, and compete for points. After being popularized overseas, this thrilling activity has been brought to Asakusa, Tokyo! The adrenaline rush and satisfaction of the axe hitting the target is sure to keep you coming back!

  • Your host is “REEAST ROOM Asakusa" in Tokyo. Under their motto of creating a "space where you can do what you normally can't do", they’ve prepared a variety of exhilarating games to break up the mundanity of everyday life.
  • REEAST ROOM BASE, the venue’s own casual bar, is built beside the axe throwing lanes. Nothing like a good drink with your friends at the bar after a good game of axe throwing! No matter your company, you’re sure to have a great time.

Activity Details

Axe Throwing: Japan's New, Exciting Import!

Axe Throwing: Japan's New, Exciting Import!

Even if you’ve never heard of axe throwing, you can probably guess what it is. Throw an axe, like you would darts, at a target and compete for points! Axe throwing is a popular activity in North America and this is its first arrival to Japan!



REEAST ROOM Asakusa, in Tokyo, was conceptualized as a space to “unleash one’s inner instincts.” The goal of this novel entertainment venue in Tokyo is to create a theme park that is a "space where you can do what you normally can't do." They’ve prepared all kinds of exhilarating games that can’t be experienced anywhere else!
The Interior has been vibrantly decorated by artists from within and outside of Japan, and the result is dazzling. Come to REEAST ROOM Asakusa for a thrilling taste of the extraordinary!


    • Gather

    • The Axe Throwing Begins!

      After some instructions, it’s time for axe throwing!
      First, choose your axe. The booth has several axes for throwing, varying in shape, handle length, and weight. Give them a feel and pick the axe that matches you.
      Throwing a heavy axe and hitting a target is harder than it seems, but it's great fun once you get the hang of it! The satisfaction of throwing an axe and having it hitting the target with a clean “thunk”, is a feeling that will keep you wanting more.
      Throwing an axe accurately needs finesse, and the axe also needs to be just right for you. This makes axe throwing a tactical game of thinking, just as much as it’s great exercise!
    • Finish

Recommended Points


After breaking a sweat in the axe throwing lanes, refresh yourself with a drink from the venue’s bar.
REEAST ROOM BASE is a casual bar, built next to the axe throwing lanes. It’s a great place to enjoy some drinks with your friends, or on your own!
The goal of this bar is to create a welcoming space for all kinds of diverse people. The friendly staff will give you great company to go with your drinks!

The Mascot Character

The name REEAST was born from phrase: “Release of Beast.” The bear in REEAST ROOM's logo is the mascot character named “Lovu”, and his favorite phrase is “love & peace”. He might give off a scary impression with the violent image of enjoying destruction, but this bear actually has an adorable love for honey. This mismatch expresses REEAST ROOM’s concept to “break just for fun”.

BREAK ROOM: The First in Japan! A Space for Destruction

Alongside axe throwing, the BREAK ROOM is one of many activities offered by REEAST ROOM Asakusa, and it definitely lives up to its name.
It is a space filled with tableware and home appliances, and they’re for you to break in whatever way you like! Choose your weapon from a baseball bat, hammer, or crowbar. The space lets you “do what you normally can't do” and the exhilaration is like nothing else!
The combination of the room's interior design — decorated by artists from in and out of Japan — and the scattered rubble, creates a space that is a work of art in itself. Visit REEAST ROOM, to enjoy destruction to your heart’s content!

Detailed information

Supported languages

Japanese English

Minimum number of participants


Things to prepare

Things to bring

The activities here are full of action and movement. Please come dressed appropriately, in flexible clothing.


Meeting time

Please come 5 minute before the starting time


about 30 minutes


Included in the fee

Included in the fee

Experience fee (Axe Throwing), tax

Not included in the fee

Not included in the fee

Personal expenses

Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy

Cancellation on the day and no show: 100% of the reservation fee



Children of Junior high school age and below must be accompanied by a guardian.


Access Info


Tokyo Asakusa / Sky Tree

Meeting place

REEAST ROOM Asakusa, 1F, 1-2-13, Komagata, Taito City, Tokyo

How to access

2 minute walk from "Kuramae" station (Oedo & Asakusa Line)
4 minute walk from Asakusa station (Asakusa Line)

Meeting place

Operating Company

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