【Tokyo Graffiti Wall】Fluorescent Graffiti in Asakusa, Tokyo! Unleash your Creativity on the "Free Art Wall"

【Tokyo Graffiti Wall】Fluorescent Graffiti in Asakusa, Tokyo! Unleash your Creativity on the "Free Art Wall"

  • Pick up a brush and fluorescent paint, and unleash your creativity on an entire wall! The Asakusa, Tokyo experience “Free Art Wall” lets you graffiti on a wall to your heart’s content. Under the blacklight, splash your fluorescent paint on the wall to make a glowing work of art unlike anything else you’ve seen! Adults have many constraints blocking them from carefree graffiti but here, nothing is stopping you. Unleash your creativity in the room’s mystical glow, and create a unique art space!
  • No rules exist on the graffiti wall. Choose your favorite size of brush, and even use your hands if you want! Remember how you graffitied as a child? This is a space to relive that same free creativity!
  • You’ll be equipped with special raincoats and rubber gloves, so don’t worry about your clothes getting messy. Some people even derail and start painting up their friends!
  • Under the blacklight, your graffiti creates a unique atmosphere of artistry on the wall. Remember to snap some photos with the vivid graffiti wall for your social media!


Area Tokyo Asakusa / Sky Tree
Meeting place REEAST ROOM Asakusa, 1F, 1-2-13, Komagata, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Access 2-minute walk from Kuramae station (Toei Oedo & Asakusa Line)
4-minute walk from Asakusa Station (Toei Asakusa Line)
Meeting time Please arrive 5 minutes before the starting time
Duration About 15 minutes
Activity Code ACk005109   
supported language English, Japanese
Minimum number of participants 1person

Meeting place


  • ① Reception & Meetup at REEAST ROOM Asakusa, Tokyo
    ② Instructions on the "Free Art Wall" Graffiti Experience
    ③ "Free Art Wall" Graffiti Experience
    ④ End of experience
    • Unleash your Creativity! Anybody is an artist in the “Free Art Wall” graffiti experience
      Graffiti on the wall with the Free Art Wall
      Daily life in modern society has a myriad of rules and norms, that bind us from truly being ourself. We’re holding ourselves back on a daily basis, holding down our passionate desires. This experience will let you do some things “you’re not allowed to do” anywhere else, and relieve your repressed desires!
      The “Free Art Wall” in Asakusa, Tokyo, is a new kind of graffiti experience that lets you doodle all over a wall with fluorescent paint. It’s simple; just let creativity drive your hand, and express yourself on an entire wall! In this space, you can relive your childhood graffiti and paint up a wall with no remorse!
    • Fluorescent paint! Splash it all over the graffiti wall
      Fluorescent paint used for the "Free Art Wall" graffiti wall experience
      In the Free Art Wall experience, you’ll be using a variety of fluorescent paints that glow vividly under the blacklight. Of course, there are no rules on this graffiti wall! Choose your favorite from a variety of brushes from all sizes, or even use your hands if you wish! Express your creativity in the way you want, in the colors you desire!
    • Raincoats and gloves are provided! Graffiti without worry, to your heart's content
      The raincoats provided for the Free Art Wall
      During your graffiti wall experience, you’ll be wearing a specialized raincoat and a pair of rubber gloves, so don’t worry about your own clothes getting dirty! Some people don't stop at painting the walls, and even start painting their friends’ coats and making art pieces out of them by the time they leave!
    • Graffiti on the Wall for some Feed-worthy Photos!
      The glowing graffiti under the blacklight
      Under the blacklight, the eclectic splashes of fluorescent paint on the wall form into glowing displays of vibrant art. The simple graffiti wall instantly transforms into a unique, photogenic art space that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. Snap some photos here for your next weekend instagram post!
    • What can you experience at REEAST ROOM Asakusa?
      Promotional Video for Reeast Room Asakusa
      REEAST ROOM Asakusa, in Tokyo, was conceptualized as a space to “unleash one’s inner instincts.” The goal of this novel entertainment venue in Tokyo is to create a theme park where visitors can “do the things they’re not allowed to.” They’ve prepared all kinds of exhilarating games that can’t be experienced anywhere else!
      The Interior has been vibrantly decorated by artists from within and outside of Japan, and the result is dazzling. Come to REEAST ROOM Asakusa for a thrilling taste of the extraordinary!
    • REEAST ROOM Asakusa's Mascot Character
      "Lovu" the mascot of Reeast Room Asakusa
      The name REEAST was born by abbreviating the phrase: “Release of Beast.” The bear in their logo is the mascot character named “Lovu”, and his favorite phrase is “love & peace”. 
      Contrasting the violent image of recreational destruction, this bear’s favorite thing in the world is honey! This mismatch expresses REEAST ROOM’s concept of “breaking just for fun”.
    • BREAK ROOM: The First in Japan! A Space for Recreational Destruction
      The BREAK ROOM: a space of breaking things for fun!
      Alongside the graffiti wall experience, BREAK ROOM is one of many activities offered by REEAST ROOM, and it definitely lives up to its name.
      It is a space filled with kitchenware and home appliances, and they’re for you to break as much as you like! Choose your weapon from a baseball bat, hammer, or crowbar. The exhilaration of “doing what you’re not allowed to” is like nothing else!
      The combination of the room's interior design — decorated by artists from in and out of Japan — and the scattered rubble, creates a space that is a work of art in itself. Visit REEAST ROOM in Asakusa, Tokyo to enjoy destruction to your heart’s content!


Included in the fee
"Free Art Wall" graffiti wall experience fee, equipment rental fee, taxes
Not included in the fee
All expenses not listed above
- Participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a guardian.
Things to bring
- Flexible clothing that are easy to move in are reccomended.
- Raincoats and rubber gloves will be provided, but just in case, please arrive in clothing you don't mind getting dirty.
Cancellation policy
Cancellations on the day, and no-show participants will be charged 100% of the reservation fee.
Special Notes
The Free Art Wall experience is also available as an optional activity for the BREAK ROOM plan, and AXE THROWING PLAN, for an additional charge of ¥1500. 
*Inquiries and payment must be made on-site.
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