【Tokyo Asakusa NINJA】Ninja Experience & Exclusive Asakusa Tour in Ninja Outfits!

【Tokyo Asakusa NINJA】Ninja Experience & Exclusive Asakusa Tour in Ninja Outfits!

  • Experience the NINJA in Asakusa, Tokyo. Wear the uniform and train in ninja arts such as throwing stars and blow darts in this thrilling experience! The store is fully ninja-themed from the storefront to the interior, and the staff and sound system complement this. This course comes with a special ninja tour, in which you will take to the streets of Asakusa, fully dressed in the ninja uniform. It’s a jam-packed course that lets you fully experience the ninjas and Asakusa!
  • After training, enjoy the original ninja-themed food menu! The throwing star-shaped “Ninja Curry” and “Fire Art: Pudding-no-jutsu” are just a few of the exciting menu entries!
  • The storefront and interior greet you with a bright-red shrine gate, rows of raccoon statues, and glowing ninja weaponry. All of the photo opportunities seem incredibly un-ninja-like!
  • At the end, you will venture out to the streets of Asakusa, while fully dressed in ninja outfits. The ninja master will guide you through a secret Asakusa tour that guidebooks don’t tell you!


Area Tokyo Asakusa / Sky Tree
Meeting place 3-27-14 TOA Asakusa Mansion 1F, Nishi Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Access 5-minute walk from Asakusa Station (Tsukuba Express)
8-minute walk from Tawaramachi Station (Ginza line)
10-minute walk from Asakusa Station (Ginza line, Toei-Asakusa line)
Meeting time Please arrive by the starting time
Duration 3 hours
Activity Code ACk006304
supported language English, Japanese
Minimum number of participants 1person

Meeting place


  • ① Arrival/Reception
    ② Introducing the experience
    ③ Change into ninja outfits
    ④ Ninja training
    − Throwing stars, blow darts, sword fighting, and tea ceremony
    ⑤ Meal time
    − Choose from: “Ninja Curry” “Ninja Udon” “Shuriken-yaki” “Ninja Pasta” “Ninja Chicken” “Ninja Sausage” “Ninja Dried Foods
    ⑥ Asakusa Ninja Tour
    - guided tour of Asakusa in ninja outfits.
    ⑦ End of experience
    • NINJA Café & Bar ASAKUSA
      Here’s a video to get you started.
      Ninja Cafe and Bar Asakusa was made to be “Japan’s most un-ninja-like ninja cafe”. Once you pass the flashy entrance, what lies before you is a fully ninja-themed interior! Dress the part, and you’re officially part of the ninja creed. After some instructions, you’re ready to go. Forget your usual self and dive into the world of the ninja!
    • Asakusa Sightseeing… in Ninja Outfits!? An Exciting and Special Tour!
      In the latter half, you will take to the streets in your ninja outfits! The amount of heads you will turn in the city is nothing short of a Hollywood Star! The old Japanese townscape of Asakusa is a perfect match with the ninja outfit. It will let you feel like a real ninja as you explore the city!
    • The Fully Ninja-themed Store
      In the interior, ninja weapons like swords, scythes and spears are displayed for a movie-like ninja experience. Keep your camera ready for chances to capture the extraordinary! This store is also equipped with cafe tables, making this the only ninja entertainment venue in Japan that doubles as a restaurant.
    • With these Outfits, Anybody Can Become a Ninja!
      Once you’ve worn the ninja outfit, you’re a genuine, bona fide ninja too! Sizes are available for all sizes from small children to large adults, so anybody can become a ninja. Now that you’re a true ninja, both in the flesh and soul, it’s time to get to the training experience!
    • The Ninja Training Commences!
      The ninja training finally begins! Under the instruction of the ninja master (played by a staff member), you will learn many essential ninja arts. This full-fledged ninja experience includes ninja greetings, throwing stars, blow darts, and sword fighting. The experiences are all incredibly thrilling and almost movie-like; you’re sure to be excited!
      The store periodically holds a “Ninja Darts Competition”, using blow darts and throwing stars. In the pre-opening, many travelers from overseas competed here for the title of ninja master.
    • Tea Ceremony Experience: Learning Japanese Culture
      After the exhilarating Ninja Training, it’s time to catch your breath in a quiet tea ceremony. Calm your mind, and stir the tea. The ninja training ends with this experience of Japanese culture.
    • Ninja Food: Fun to the Eyes, Delicious to the Tongue!
      After training, enjoy “Ninja Food”! There is “Ninja Curry” which is modeled after a throwing star, and “Fire Art: Pudding-no-jutsu” that comes with a flaming performance.
      Everything on their menu is handmade and original, and are made to be just as tasty in the mouth as they are cool to the eyes. Your heart will skip a beat the moment they show up! All of their dishes come with vegetarian, halal, and vegan options, making them accessible for everybody.
    • Explore the Untold in an Exclusive Tour of Asakusa
      Your tour will be guided by the ninja master. The master will tell interesting anecdotes of Asakusa, and also show you some secret locations that only locals know! This original tour not listed on guide books, and your full ninja outfits will make your time in Asakusa even more memorable!
    • Rest-less-rooms? The Toilets are Gold!
      Go for a bathroom break, and you’re greeted by a room full of gold! NINJA Cafe and Bar’s attention to detail seems to reach all the way to their bathroom. Why it had to be so flashy is unknown, but in the pre-opening, it was reviewed as “Japan’s most restless restroom.” It’s not every day that you can see a gold-covered bathroom — make sure you take a look before you leave!


Included in the fee
Experience fee, food and drinks, costume rental fee, applicable taxes.
Not included in the fee
Any expenses not listed above.
Cancellation policy
If cancellations are made by the customer's circumstances, refunds will not be made
Operating Company
Ninja Cafe&Bar Asakusa

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