【Tokyo Bento Class】Traditional Bento Box Making in Yanaka, Tokyo! Combine your Onigiri with Colorful Side Dishes into a Beautiful Platter

【Tokyo Bento Class】Traditional Bento Box Making in Yanaka, Tokyo! Combine your Onigiri with Colorful Side Dishes into a Beautiful Platter

  • Make the perfect bento box in a traditional Japanese cooking class in Yanaka, Tokyo! After a short presentation on Japanese traditional food and culture, you’ll make onigiri (traditional rice balls) with your instructor. Plate them nicely with a variety of other foods for a vibrant bento box! Eating your own creations with fellow cooking class participants will make an unforgettable experience!
  • The instructor for your Japanese traditional cooking class is one of the few female cooks that served Japanese food in France. Her detailed lessons backed by her genuine skills, are known for teaching delicious, unique, and fun Japanese cooking!
  • Before your cooking class, your instructor will show you around Yanaka, a town retaining its old Showa-era look. The slower clock and relaxing vibe here will make you feel like you’ve slipped back in time!
  • To accommodate for a variety of food cultures, this bento box cooking class adapts to all kinds of dietary restraints. Without compromising flavor, great attention is paid to provide the flavor of traditional Japanese food to every visitor!


Area Tokyo Yanesen
Meeting place In front of "NewDays ecute Nippori" by the north exit ticket gate of JR Nippori Station
Access Just outside JR Nippori Station, north exit ticketing gate
Meeting time Please arrive by the starting time
Duration About 2 hours 30 minutes
Activity Code ACk006504
supported language English, French
Minimum number of participants 1person

Meeting place


  • ① Stroll through Yanaka
    ② Instructions on the traditional cooking methods
    ③ Onigiri making class begins
    ④ Plating your onigiri into a bento box
    ⑤ Eating your creations
    ⑥ End of traditional cooking class
    • A Cooking Class led by a chef trained in France!
      The instructor for your traditional Japanese cooking class was one of the few female chefs making Japanese food in France! She has been working freelance since returning to Japan, and hosts this cooking class with the hopes to exchange cultures and experiences with inbound travelers, while having them take home delicious memories of Japanese traditional cuisine.
      Her classes are known for her fluent English and French, and genuine skills that back her detailed lessons. You’ll learn to make unique and tasty Japanese food in this fun cooking class, that keeps foreign travelers coming back!
    • Yanaka: A town inheriting the looks of the Showa Era
      Before your cooking class, your instructor will show you around the town of Yanaka. Among all of Tokyo’s traditional old-town areas, Yanaka especially shows its strong roots in the Showa era. The old wood-construction homes and cafes renovated from traditional houses give off a nostalgic atmosphere that takes you straight back in time!
    • Onigiri Making Experience
      After a presentation on traditional Japanese culinary culture and food, you’ll be eager to trying making a bento box yourself! In this cooking class, you’ll be making your own onigiri rice balls. Onigiri are one of the easiest Japanese home dishes to make, a bento box staple, and are loved by people of all ages!
    • Accommodating to dietary needs
      The entrees and side dishes that will adorn your bento box will be prepared by the professional hands of your instructor, for a truly mouth-watering presentation!
      To accommodate for dietary needs, ingredients can flexibly be changed. The pork cutlet can be changed to chicken or tofu, and gluten free ingredients can be opted for too. Great attention is paid to not compromise the flavor! The instructor’s inclusive attitude to serve great traditional Japanese food to everybody may be the key to the class' popularity.
    • Your Traditional Bento Box is Complete!
      Once your handmade onigiri and colorful side dishes are beautifully arranged in the bento box, the cooking is complete. It’s finally time to taste your creations! Set the table with your bento box, and join your classmates for a feast. Bentos bring together a variety of side dishes and entrees, into a single platter in a delicious display. 
      Sit around a table with great food, and conversation will be sparked naturally. The best part about this cooking class is the communication and bonds born from the food!


Included in the fee
Experience fee, drinks, taxes
Not included in the fee
All expenses not listed above
Cancellation policy
All cancellations made from 2 days prior to the day of the cooking class, will be charged 100% of the booking fee.
Special Notes
- Aprons provided
- Accommodates vegetarian, vegan, gluten free menus (please contact the instructor beforehand).
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