【Tokyo Dinner Cruise】Tokyo Bay Dinner Cruise aboard the Samurai Boat Atakemaru! Night Views & Decadent Tuna & Meat Dinner! (w/ Free Drinks)

【Tokyo Dinner Cruise】Tokyo Bay Dinner Cruise aboard the Samurai Boat Atakemaru! Night Views & Decadent Tuna & Meat Dinner! (w/ Free Drinks)

  • Climb aboard the leisure boat “Atakemaru”, and embark on a luxurious Tokyo Bay dinner cruise! Atakemaru is a legendary ship of the Edo Period, and has returned to the present day with a fresh coat of paint. The Atakemaru is now a cruise boat decorated lavishly in a traditional Japanese style to deliver a look of luxury and history. With exquisite dinner, Tokyo Bay’s gorgeous night views, and entertaining performances, this will be a magical evening to take you out of your daily life!
  • Performers of “WAGAKU” make the traditional Japanese-themed atmosphere of your dinner cruise even more lively! They’ll help you board the ship, give you commentary on the great night views outside, and even see you out. From the beginning of the cruise to the end, they will provide you with their most genuine hospitality!
  • Your gorgeous course dinner serves the cruise's specialty meat and tuna dishes. It even comes with unlimited drinks!
  • Enjoy Tokyo Bay’s night views from the deck of your luxurious dinner cruise! Tokyo Bay has a variety of great viewpoints that represent Tokyo’s urban beauty, such as the Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Skytree, and Ooi Futo. Some of these views can only be seen from a cruise!
  • A performance by the troupe WAGAKU will mark the finale of your dinner cruise! The troupe includes performers with a former career in the Shiki Theater Company, and their performances are top-notch quality!
  • After disembarking the dinner cruise, board the bus that will be waiting for you for a safe and easy trip home!


Area Tokyo Minato-ku
Meeting place Hinode Docks, 104-7-2 Kaigan, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Access 2-minute walk from Hinode Station, Yurikamome Line
10-minute walk from Daimon Station, Subway Line
8-minute walk from JR Hamamatsu-cho Station, south exit
15-minutes by bus from JR Tokyo Station
25-minutes by bus from Haneda Airport
70 minutes by bus from Narita Airport
Meeting time Doors open 15 minutes prior to the cruise (Please arrive before the starting time)
Duration About 2 hours
Activity Code U-TCS002
supported language Japanese
Minimum number of participants 1person

Meeting place


  • [Sunset Cruise]
    16:45 boarding/17:05 departure 
    - 17:15 "Rainbow Bridge", "Odaiba" 
    - 17:25 "Ooi Futo Pier"
    - 18:05 "WAGAKU", Kabuki-style performance
    - 18:25-18:35 Commemorative photo
    18:45 return/19:00 disembarkation
    [Night Cruise]
    19:15 boarding/19:35 departure
    - 19:45 "Rainbow Bridge", "Odaiba"
    - 19:55 "Ooi Futo Pier"
    - 20:35 "WAGAKU", Kabuki-style performance
    - 20:55-21:05 Commemorative photo
    21:25 return/21:30 disembarkation
    • The Legendary Ship: “Gozabune Atakemaru”
      Video Introducing the ship: "Gozabune Atakemaru"
      The massive leisure boat atop the Tokyo Bay, whose glowing vermillion paint emanates an atmosphere of traditional Japan, is named the “Gozabune Atakemaru.” Atakemaru is the name of a goliath Edo Period military vessel, commissioned by the Shogun Iemitsu Tokugawa. Its size was compared to Mt. Fuji, and its lavish decorations to Nikko-Toshogu Shrine. Due to its ridiculous maintenance costs, this ship was unfortunately taken apart 50 years after its completion. No documents remain to tell us about its details, making it a truly legendary ship!
      Leaping through time, Atakemaru returns to us as a luxury dinner cruise. To create a look of rich historical beauty, the new Atakemaru is modeled after a number of real ships used by real Japanese lords. All aboard the Atakemaru, and embark on a luxurious dinner cruise over the Tokyo Bay!
    • All Aboard! Set Sail for a Dinner Cruise Over the Tokyo Bay!
      The "Atakemaru" docked at Hinode docks
      Board the Atakemaru from Hinode Docks. People seeing the cruise boat for the first time are surprised by its size. The Atakemaru is 50 m long with a total of 188 seats, and boasts a size far larger than your typical evening cruise boat. The moment you board the ship, you’ll be transported to another world. Let the energetic performers on board guide the way!
    • Lavish Interior of the Cruise Boat Atakemaru
      Interior of the Atakemaru
      The moment you enter the Gozabune Atakemaru, you will see its gorgeously decorated interior. The interior design was directed by Eiji Mito-oka, a renown Japanese industrial designer and illustrator. Classical traditional designs are seamlessly blended with modern aesthetics to create a space that emanates historical beauty and Japonisme. “Gozabune” in the ship’s name refers to the ships used by historical shoguns and nobles, and the interior design doesn’t betray this name!
    • Night Views of Tokyo Bay to accompany your Dinner
      Cruise passing by the Rainbow Bridge
      One of the draws of this evening cruise, is the night view of Tokyo Bay that can be seen from the deck. The illuminated Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Skytree, as well as the eye-catching orange glow of the Ooi Futo Cargo Terminal are representations of Tokyo’s urban beauty.
      Some of the views can only be seen from a cruise boat! You might have the rare opportunity to see planes departing from Haneda Airport up-close, or see the grandeur of Tokyo Gate Bridge from underneath.
      Different cruise times have different views; the Sunset Cruise Course shows you a gorgeous marriage between the Tokyo Bay and the sunset, while the Night Cruise Course brings you to the night views. You can see the views while eating dinner indoors, but Tokyo’s beauty is best enjoyed from the outdoor deck!
    • Indulge in an Exquisite Feast!
      Decadent Meat & Tuna Course Dinner
      Dinner atop this luxury cruise will be a decadent course menu, including the best of both Atakemaru’s specialty meat and tuna dishes. With the all-you-can-drink menu to complement it, your dinner is sure to be a lively one! The exquisite dinner and sparkling night view will satisfy both your stomach and soul!
      - Deep-fried pork and green onion skewers with tomato sauce
      - Duck roast
      - Chicken terrine
      - Tuna Nakaochi / finely chopped sashimi
      - Hokkaido Onuma beef broiled carpaccio
      - Miyazaki Kirishima chicken teriyaki
      - Deep fried tuna cheek
      - Negi-toro sushi
      *Currently, food is served individually to passengers, on large set trays
    • On-board Performances Fill the Air with Energy!
      The performance troupe WAGAKU greets you with their most genuine hospitality, and energetic performances.
      The highlight of the cruise is a powerful show brought to you by “WAGAKU”, a performance troupe whose goal is to help you “enjoy Japan” and “learn Japan”. With their performances and on-board commentary of the outside views, they’ll make your night cruise an unforgettable one from beginning to end!
      Soon after you’re prompted to take a seat for the show, WAGAKU’s display of song and dance begins! 
      Many members of WAGAKU come from a background in Japan’s most prestigious theater group, the Shiki Theater Company, and their energetic voices and snappy movements show off their top-notch skills. At times, the performance will ask for the audience’s participation, unifying all of the cruise’s passengers for an exhilarating evening of fun!
    • Commemorative Photos with the Performers of “WAGAKU”
      Commemorative photo with WAGAKU's performers
      After the show, the performers of WAGAKU will stick around for photos with you! Having a photo with you and these performers would be a great way to commemorate this night, that’s already unforgettable as is! WAGAKU’s performers will see you off with the same energy as you leave the night cruise. Enjoy their hospitality until the very end!
    • The End of the Cruise. A Bus Ensures a Safe & Easy Trip Home!
      "Atakemaru"-themed bus service
      Like all great things, your dinner cruise ends as the docks. The members of WAGAKU will wave you good-bye as you walk back to land, and to reality. At the Hinode Docks, you will be greeted by an extravagant bus, decorated just like the Atakemaru. This bus will take you straight from the cruise to JR Shinbashi Station, for an easy trip home!
      <Free bus service for passengers of the Sunset/Night Cruise>
      【Hinode Docks → Near JR Shinbashi Station】
      *The buses depart approximately 15 minutes after the cruise’s docking
      *Seats are not determined by reservation. A total of 60 seats are available.
      *The bus service may not be available due to private chartering, or maintenance.


Included in the fee
Boarding fee, dinner fee, all-you-can-drink fee, Performance fee, tax
Not included in the fee
All fees not listed above
Cancellation policy
Cancellations will be charged the following percentages of the participation fee:
- Up to 2 days prior to the cruise - 0%
- On the day before the cruise, up to 18:45 - 50%
- After 18:45 of the day before the cruise - 100%
*In the case of a decrease in group size, cancellation fees will be charged according to the above rules, for the number of cancelled passengers.
Special Notes
- Elementary school children over the age of 12 will be charged for as children. Please choose “child pricing” when prompted.
- For every adult, 1 child under the age of 6 may board for free. In the case that multiple children must accompany a single adult, the 2nd child and on will be charged the standard “child pricing”.
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