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  • Various teas

    [Tokyo Tea Tasting]Into the World of Japanese Tea: Tasting at ShiZen Tea Tokyo Green tea is undoubtedly one of Japan's longest cherished drinks. For centuries, Japanese people have enjoyed its bitter yet savory taste. Today, green tea is recognized worldwide for its health benefits. Japanese green tea is available in many varieties, ranging from the widely consumed sencha tea to upscale Gyokuro. Yet, people seem unfamiliar with the differences.  This time, we'll explore the world of Japanese green tea with a visit to ShiZen tea, a tea shop in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward that provides a sampling menu. We sampled 13 different teas and learned about their differences, and tips on how to brew the perfect cup.

    10.apr 2020

  •  Okinawa's Kanhi-zakura cherry flowers

    Okinawa's Early Cherry Blossoms: 3 Best Spots to Enjoy an Early Spring Spring arrives early in sub-tropical Okinawa, and so do its cherry blossoms. Okinawa is pretty in pink in late January, while the rest of Japan braces for an onset of full-fledged winter. Ryukyu Kanhi-zakura (the local variant of Japan’s beloved cherry blossoms) take on vibrant pink flowers, and many Many tourists flock to Okinawa’s best flower viewing locations to enjoy the flowers blooming against the backdrop of beautiful skies and waters. This article will cover 3 locations widely known as the best locations to view Kanhi-zakura blossoms: Mount Yaedake of Motobu Town, Nakijin Village’s Nakijin Castle remains (a world heritage site), and Nago Chuo Koen Park’s Nangusuku Area, of Nago City. Let us depart on a journey to escape the winter cold, and greet Okinawa’s coming of spring.

    7.apr 2020

  • Illumination at Otaguro Park
    Category: Natural / Scenery
    Area: Ikebukuro

    Tokyo’s Japanese Gardens: Discover their Autumn Beauty and Night Illuminations November is near its end, and we have reached the thick of autumn. Japan is full of fantastic autumn sightseeing spots, but not many of them are easily accessible from the city of Tokyo. This time, we will introduce Japanese gardens with beautiful autumn colors, where you can have a taste of the Japanese concept of "Wabi Sabi". These five Japanese gardens are all lit up at night for a limited time, giving their natural beauty a whole different face. Tips On Viewing Japanese Gardens <amp-img width="770px" height="514px" src="" layout="responsive" alt="Japanese Garden at Showa Memorial Park"></amp-img> <small>What is Japanese Garden Style? (Picture: Showa Memorial Park)</small> Before going to see a Japanese garden with beautiful autumn leaves, let's first learn a little about what a Japanese garden is. A Japanese garden is a garden style that was born and developed in Japan, as the name implies. Here, we will introduce areas to look out for, and the three beautiful Japanese garden styles.

    7.apr 2020

  • Nawate-dori Main Street
    Category: Souvenir

    Exploring Old-town Streets near Matsumoto Castle: Nawate-Dori & Nakamachi-Dori Nagano Prefecture is surrounded by fantastic scenery, and is located right in the middle of Japan. Have you heard of the wonderful shopping districts in Matsumoto City, the heart of the prefecture?  These historical shopping streets are known as “Nawate-dori” and “Nakamachi-dori”. These two districts that run alongside the Metoba river are located within a 10 minute walk from Matsumoto Castle, and this location makes the area highly accessible. Although these two shopping districts are only a three minute walk apart, they appeal to completely different tastes. We took a walk through town in order to unravel the mysteries and charms of these two areas. We’ll show you our favorite shops that we found along the way. 

    2.apr 2020

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