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  • The streets of Narai-juku

    5 Edo-Period Old Towns: Traditional Post Town Sceneries of the Nakasendo Road During the Edo Period (1603 – 1868), post towns were built and used throughout Japan. Post towns served as a resting and lodging spot for travelers, and were located on major routes connecting Edo (present day Tokyo) with other significant cities throughout the country. Nakasendo is one of the “Edo Five Routes”, and connected Edo with Kyoto by going through central Honshu. Some of the post towns on Nakasendo remain today, and retain the Edo period atmosphere. Here are 5 post towns on the Nakasendo Route that you can visit.

    6.sep 2018

  •  Petit Mura facade
    Category: Theme Parks

    Behold the dreamy kingdom of cats at Kichijoji Petit Mura (village) The Tokyo suburb of Kichijoji is constantly voted as one of the city’s most livable neighborhoods. Kichijoji is home to lush greenery such as Inogashira Park, and many charming shops that are frequented by locals and visitors alike. One of Kichijoji’s latest attractions is the whimsical Kichijoji Petit Mura (small village) complex. Opened in April 2018, it houses seven stores based on fairytale-like themes. This edition explores the magic surrounding the shopping and food experience at Kichijoji Petit Mura (village).

    21.jan 2020

  • Traveling to Hakone on the Romance Car

    Travel Hakone on a Budget! Using the Hakone Free Pass (with Prices & Courses) Hakone is one of the most famous tourist spots in Japan. This area in the Eastern Kanagawa Prefecture attracts more than 20 million tourists a year. What kind of transportation would you use to travel from Tokyo to Hakone? It's great to rent a car and travel freely, but it is also recommended to try the exclusive vehicles in Hakone, including the dream train Romance Car, the pirate ships and the ropeway. This time, I will introduce a wise way to go around Hakone on a day trip with a "Hakone Free Pass" issued by Odakyu Electric Railway. Why don't you try to travel freely in Hakone on vehicle rides from which you can enjoy seeing rich nature?

    2.jul 2019

  • Ueno Zoo

    Ueno Zoo: Meet Pandas, Polar Bears & Capybaras at Tokyo's Oldest Zoo! Ueno Zoo in Tokyo is an animal haven with the highest annual visitor count in Japan, and is widely known as being home to the beloved giant pandas. With the birth of the baby panda Xiang-Xiang in 2017, the popularity of both Ueno Zoo and the pandas surged once again, and seems to never slow down! When Xiang-Xiang was introduced to the public, many tourists flocked from all around Japan to get one look at the baby panda. In September 8th 2020, the "Panda Forest" facility also opened up as a new home for the pandas. That being said, Ueno Zoo isn't all about the pandas. The spacious premises are split into an east zone and west zone, and both are equally packed with things to see. This article is your guide to all you need to know about Ueno Zoo, including the zoo's history, animals, and nearby attractions. 【Related Article】 All you need to know to enjoy Ueno Park to the fullest!↓↓ [Your 100% Guide to Ueno Park's Cherry Blossoms, Shrines & Museums](https://thegate12.com/article/35) ######35######

    26.jul 2018

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