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  • The Japanese star festival Tanabata

    What is Tanabata, Japan's Star Festival? 3 Tanabata Festivals to Visit! Tanabata, also referred to as the "star festival", is a Japanese summer festival held every July 7th (August in some places) derived from an old legend of separated lovers. During Tanabata, people write their wishes on brightly colored strips of paper called “tanzaku” and hang them from bamboo branches to have them granted. Tanabata is celebrated throughout Japan, and the 3 most famous festivals are Miyagi prefecture's "Sendai Tanabata Festival", Kanagawa prefecture's "Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata Festival" and Aichi Prefecture's "Anjo Tanabata Festival". Some Tanabata events can involve the entire city, and are a great way to feel the atmosphere of a traditional Japanese summer. What is Tanabata, where did it come from, and what festivals should you visit? This article will guide you through everything you need to know about Japan's Tanabata culture.

    12.jul 2018

  • Sunset at Mount Tsukuba
    Category: Mountains

    Hiking Courses of Mount Tsukuba! A Beautiful Mountain Rivaling Mount Fuji The sacred Mount Tsukuba locates in Ibaraki prefecture in the Kanto region of Japan. It measures 877 meters high, and is made up of two peaks, Nantaisan (男体山) and Nyotaisan (女体山). It is nicknamed the “Purple Mountain” (紫峰), as the peak looks purple when hit by the sunset. The lake at the bed of the mountain, Hokujo-oike (北条大池), joins Mount Tsukuba to create stunning scenery. The climbing courses vary drastically in level, so beginners and trekking lovers can both enjoy their time here. There are even ropeways and cable cars to carry you up to the peak. Here is your guide to Mount Tsukuba's hiking courses, popular to mountaineers of all levels!

    12.jul 2018

  • Seed board

    What is Hakone's Traditional Craft: Yosegi Zaiku? 2 Places to buy them in Tokyo! There are nearly 1,200 types of traditional crafts made in Japan, about 230 of which are specified by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. These crafts have been produced with long histories in each prefecture, incorporate many regional characteristics, and all of them express the classic Japanese subtlety, elaborateness and beauty. This time, we will introduce one of such traditional craft techniques, “Hakone Yosegi Zaiku." Let's look at the complete story of the history and characteristics of yosegi zaiku marquetry with the rich wooden texture that have been passed down in the Hakone/Odawara area.

    29.may 2019

  • Gingko street at Showa Kinen Park
    Category: Sceneries
    Area: Towada-shi

    Autumn in Japan: 7 Spots to See Japan's Gorgeous Autumn Scenery Japan’s landscape creates distinct, stunning views for all four seasons of the year but autumn in Japan is a particularly beautiful season. With abundant sunshine and clear skies, and the the changing colors of the leaves, autumn adds an extra flare to Japan. Here are 8 spots in Japan that are especially gorgeous during the fall months. Scenic Autumn Spot ① Tsuta Numa Lake (Aomori) <amp-img width="2000px" height="1333px" src="https://s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/thegate/2020/09/28/13/00/15/tsutanuma.jpg" layout="responsive" alt="Autumn in Japan at Tsuta Numa Lake"></amp-img> <small>Autumn leaves reflecting in Tsuta Numa Lake</small> Sights at Tsuta Numa Lake The first must-visit autumn destination is Tsuta Numa Lake in Aomori prefecture’s city of Towada. It is one of the Seven Tsuta Lakes, and all seven lakes are connected by a walking path. As autumn approaches, the leaves on the trees around the lake begin to change colors. If you visit on a day with little to no wind, you will be able to see the colorful leaves reflecting on the still water surface. Visit during the morning hours to see Tsuta Numa Lake glimmer in the morning sunlight. The view is so beautiful, that it is often coined as a spot that is to be visited at least once in your lifetime. When is the best time to visit in autumn? Mid - late October

    1.nov 2018

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