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  • Hitachi Seaside Park Kochia field
    Area: Hitachinaka

    Hitachi Seaside Park's Autumn Kochia Fields make a Vast Red Carpet In autumn, the fields of Hitachi Seaside Park become a gorgeous red carpet of kochia plants, that awes the eyes of viewers. Hitachi Seaside Park in Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture is well-known for its spring-time nemophila fields, but the autumn scenery of 30,000 Kochia plants is equally breathtaking. Kochias are cute and visually fun to look at too, making them just as enjoyable in the summer as they are in their autumn prime. 【Related Article】 For more on the history & travel information of Hitachi Seaside Park↓↓ [Enjoy Hitachi Seaside Park & its 4 Vibrant Seasons of Flowers!](https://thegate12.com/article/12) ######12######

    12.jul 2018

  • kyaraben
    Category: Cooking
    Area: Shinjuku

    Kyaraben: How to Make Cute Japanese Bento Box Lunches! A bento box is a packed lunch box, and an important part of Japanese lifestyles. In a bento box, a variety of different dishes are compactly fitted into a lunch box and brought to school and work. In recent years, “kyaraben” (abbreviated term for “character bento”), have gained popularity. “Kyaraben” are bento box lunches that are made to resemble characters from anime, manga, games and more. Some kyaraben portray characters so accurately, that they look like works of art. This article will introduce you to the world of kyaraben, by telling you what they are, how to make them, and showing you some photos for your own bento box inspiration!

    11.jan 2019

  • Hitachi Seaside Park Nemophila Field
    Area: Hitachinaka

    Enjoy Hitachi Seaside Park & its 4 Vibrant Seasons of Flowers! Approximately 120 km northeast of Tokyo, in Ibaraki Prefecture's Hitachinaka City, is the national Hitachi Seaside Park. Its approximately 2,000,000㎡ of parkland is full of vast flower fields, that cover the park in carpets of seasonal flowers throughout the year. With nemophila reaching their season in May and kochias in autumn, Hitachi Seaside Park gives its visitors a beautiful floral scenery regardless of the season. Not only that, but its location is relatively accessible from Tokyo, making it a great location for travelers who want to find their accommodation in Tokyo, but also want a breathe of refreshing, natural air! With an overview of its history, areas and events, this article will take you through all you need to know about Hitachi Seaside Park to enjoy it to its fullest. 【Related Articles】 About the autumn kochia fields of Hitachi Seaside Park↓↓ [Hitachi Seaside Park's Autumn Kochia Fields make a Vast Red Carpet](https://thegate12.com/article/140) ######140######

    12.jul 2018

  • Traditional style guest house - toco.
    Category: Hotels & Ryokan
    Area: Taito-ku

    Guest House toco. in Tokyo: Built from a 100-year-Old Traditional Japanese House Skyscrapers and retro architecture, verdant parks and hard concrete... the new and the nostalgic coexist in Tokyo, Japan's capital. Hidden in Tokyo's Taito Ward is “toco.,” a guest house rebuilt from a 100-year-old traditional Japanese house. The guest house is a window into the look and feel of a Traditional Japanese home, and is a popular lodging choice, often booked-out completely by both domestic and international travelers. This article is a deep-dive into the thoughts behind toco.'s creation, and the secrets to its popularity.

    15.jun 2020

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