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  •  Bingata closeup
    Category: Japanese culture
    Area: Naha

    Bingata: Textile Crafts born from Okinawa's Nature - Visits to 3 Workshops Japan’s southernmost prefecture of Okinawa has a natural landscape awash with colorful exuberance. The azure sky and sea and lush tropical foliage has long captivated visitors’ hearts.  The archipelago’s vibrant hues are directly expressed in the “bingata” dyed textiles, which originated around 700 to 800 years ago. The traditional dyeing technique used in these textiles has been passed down through the generations, and is still practiced today by many artisans. This article explores the history and cultural background of bingata textiles. We visited three bingata studios in Okinawa for a closer look at the passion driving its artisans.

    27.may 2020

  • The Shinshu Monomiyu Tegata
    Category: Hot spring
    Area: Kisoji area

    Enjoy the hot springs in Nagano at a Great Price with Shinshu Monomiyu Tegata! In the cold winter time, we miss the hot springs, don’t we? Although there are various hot spring resorts in Japan, one of the areas we should remember is Nagano Prefecture. They rank nationally second, after Hokkaido in terms of the prefecture-wide number of hot springs, and they are one of the top ranked for numbers of day-trip hot springs in Japan. Did you know that there is a coupon book that lets you enjoy the hot springs reasonably in Nagano Prefecture? Let me introduce the Shinshu Monomiyu Tegata coupon book. This is a great value coupon book that lets you enjoy many hot springs within Nagano Prefecture, and offers discounts and promotions at eligible restaurants and souvenir shops. In this article, I will share an optimal route for enjoying multiple hot springs in a single day!

    19.may 2020

  • Retroft Chitose
    Category: Other

    【Kagoshima】Retroft Chitose: A Repurposed Space for Artists & Events In Meizan-cho, close to Kagoshima city hall, there is an area still strongly retaining its Showa era townscape, where a certain multi-use building stands. The building’s name is “Retroft Chitose”. At a glance you would think it is just an old building, but once you enter you will notice that it is a unique, quirky space filled with many old books and art. This time, I will report about the renovated building “Retroft Chitose”, which is also gathering attention from overseas visitors. I will introduce the history of its origins, features of the tenant shops, and the husband-wife owners/managers of the building, and their thoughts.

    14.may 2020

  • Fukue, the picture of the 7 Lucky Gods
    Category: Shrine / Temple
    Area: Ueno

    【Tokyo】Temple/Shrine Tour to 7 Lucky Gods: Wishing for the Year's Fortune! Tours for visiting the shrines or temples of the "Seven Lucky Gods" (called "Shichifukujin" in Japanese) are annually held all over Japan from January 1st through 7th. In Tokyo, there are many temples and shrines dedicated to the 7 Gods in areas like Nihonbashi, Asakusa, Shinjuku, Haneda, Itabashi, and so on. In this article, I report on the Yanaka 7 Lucky Gods, regarded as the oldest in the Edo period.I actually toured the temples of the Seven Lucky Gods and happily collected red-ink stamps in the special card with good-luck drawings, called Fukue!

    13.may 2020

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