Frequently Asked Questions

Q The page does not display well.
A Depending on the communication environment and the degree of crowding of the site, the display of the page may be delayed or some layout may collapse. Please try again after placing time again in a place where communication is good. Also, if you are not using the recommended environment below, some functions may not be available.
Q Please tell me the recommended environment.
A The PC version is as follows. [OS] Windows 8 or later Mac OS X 10.9 or later
[browser] Internet Explorer 11 Google Chrome latest edition Safari latest edition Firefox latest version
The smartphone version is as follows. [OS] iOS 10.0 or later Android 5.0 or later
[browser] A browser installed as a standard on each OS Google Chrome latest edition Safari latest edition
Q I did not receive the member registration mail.
A Some emails that can be accessed on your smartphone might not be able to receive some of the emails from us. Sorry, Please try with a different email address. Also, there is a possibility that each mailer treats it as spam mail. Please check whether it is in the junk mail folder.
Q Unsubscribing from our newsletter
A If you are a registered member of THE GATE, you can unsubscribe from the Settings page. If you are not a member of The Gate and only subscribed to newsletters, you can unsubscribe from this page..
Q I still receive the newsletters even though I stopped the subscription.
A It may take some time until the subscription cancellation process goes through. Please contact us if you receive it even after a while.
Q Where can I get out of withdrawal from?
A From this page, withdrawal processing is possible.