【Tokyo Flower Crafts】Make a Flower Wreath for Somebody's Special Day! Flower Wreath-Making in a Nerima, Tokyo Crafts Class

【Tokyo Flower Crafts】Make a Flower Wreath for Somebody's Special Day! Flower Wreath-Making in a Nerima, Tokyo Crafts Class

  • Want to add an elegant flare to somebody’s wedding, party, or otherwise special day? This Nerima, Tokyo flower craft class teaches you how to make a wearable flower wreath by hand! With the extra-realistic artificial flowers in the craft class, you’ll be able to convey the full natural beauty of your wreath, without any concern for it wilting over time. Arrange a variety of colors, sizes, and designs to put together your flower wreath! Afterwards, it can also be hanged as a decorative wreath too!
  • Your instructor is a professional in all kinds of handicraft arts, with a focus on pressed flowers. She’ll carefully take you through the steps, and no prior knowledge or experience in flower crafts is needed to make a beautiful piece!
  • The flower craft class will take place in the instructor’s personal home salon in Nerima, Tokyo. In a homey atmosphere with your friends and fellow participants, you’ll be able to enjoy the crafts to your heart’s content!


Area Tokyo Nerima-ku
Meeting place Room 223, 3-12-1 Nukui, Nerima Ward, Tokyo
Access 2-minute walk from Fujimidai Station (Seibu-Ikebukuro Line)
Meeting time Please arrive by the starting time
Duration 2 hours
Activity Code ACk002511
supported language Japanese
Minimum number of participants 1person

Meeting place


  • ① Rendezvous & Reception
    ② Instructions
    ③ Arranging your flower craft
    ④ Receive your flower wreath - end of experience
    • Flower Wreath-Making with Lifelike Artificial Flowers
      The artificial flowers used in this flower craft class are built with great attention to detail. While your typical artificial flower might be marred by oversaturated colors and cheap-looking stems, the ones used in this class use delicate gradients and creases to express the natural beauty of flowers. If you love having colorful flowers but don’t want to care for them, these pieces of undying floral beauty are your way to go! This flower craft class will use these artificial flowers to arrange a wearable flower wreath, to add some color to somebody’s wedding, party, or any special day!
    • The Craft Class Begins: Arranging your Flower Wreath!
      After some instructions, it’s time to start arranging your flower wreath! Wires are attached to the flowers as you weave them together. The sizes and designs of the flowers are entirely up to you, so tailor them to your purpose! By bending the stems and leaves to irregular shapes, you can express a wide variety of designs!
    • Your Hand-made Flower Wreath is Complete!
      Your flower wreath is complete with a ribbon to adjust its fit to the head. The vivid colors of your flower wreath is sure to increase the beauty of anybody on their special day! It comes with a gift box too, which makes it a great gift for a wedding, mother’s day, or somebody’s birthday! Afterwards, it can also be hung on the wall as an elegant decoration!
    • Atelier Hana-ya
      Your flower-wreath making class will take place in “Atelier Hana-ya”, a workshop in Nerima, Tokyo. Under the concept of “enriching people’s lives with flowers”, Atelier Hana-ya hosts many craft classes where you can learn how to make pressed flowers, clay crafts, herbariums, and more!
      Your instructor is an expert of pressed flowers who has published books on the craft, made TV appearances, and even taken on animation productions using pressed flowers. Not only does she have craft classes, but also a variety of lesson courses that are certified to grant qualifications!
    • Craft Classes in a Homey Workshop
      The craft classes take place in the instructor’s personal Tokyo home salon. Craft classes are conducted in small groups, so you can enjoy the crafts in a homey atmosphere with your fellow participants! Visit Atelier Hana-ya to make vivid, original art pieces that enrich your everyday life!


Included in the fee
Experience fee, Material cost, lesson fee, taxes
Not included in the fee
All expenses not listed above
- The doors will open 10 minutes before the reserved time. Please know in advance that there is no waiting room.
- Anybody over the age of 2 is eligible to attend this craft class. Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by a guardian.
- The class may be cancelled due to difficulties in the machinery. In the case of cancellation, the operating company cannot insure costs paid by the participants, in order to arrive at the site. (e.g. transportation fees)
Cancellation policy
The following percentages of the participation fee will be charged upon cancellation.
1 day prior: 50%
On the day-of: 100%
Operating Company
aterier hana-ya

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