[Exquisite gourmet tour to taste downtown Tokyo] Enjoy everything from Tsukishima's specialty "Monjayaki", to Tsukiji’s gourmet to the fullest!

[Exquisite gourmet tour to taste downtown Tokyo] Enjoy everything from Tsukishima's specialty "Monjayaki", to Tsukiji’s gourmet to the fullest!

  • Guided tour of eating downtown Tokyo gourmet food and feeling the downtown atmosphere in a local cityscape.
  • Taste Tsukishima's specialty “Monja-yaki”. We will also try the unique baking method of Monja-yaki!
  • Come and taste “Tsukiji Gourmet” right from the kitchen, and Tsukiji Outer Market in Tokyo (3 dishes per person).
  • Pairs well with rice ♪ "Tsukudani" originated in Tsukudashima. Let's find your favorite Tsukudani in the long-established Tsukudani shop.


Destination Tokyo Ginza / Tsukiji
Meeting place Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Tsukiji Station, Exit 3
Meeting time 8:30
Duration 4.0h
Tour number P003
Tour conductor (language) Unavailable (Not a tour guide with a Japanese tour guide license, but an English tour guide will attend the tour.)
Minimum number of participants 2persons

Meeting place


  • Tsukiji Station (departs at 8:40)
    Tsukiji Outer Market: Tour & Eat (with 3 dishes per person)
    Kachidoki Bridge: Visit
    Long-established Tsukudani shop street (Tsukudashima): Shopping
    Tsukishima Monja Street: Lunch (Monjayaki)
    Tsukiji Station (to be dissolved at 12:30) 
  • ( Breakfast:× / Lunch:○ / Dinner:× )
    • Tourism Tsukiji Outer Market (55minutes)
      Meet at Tsukiji Station and depart for a Tokyo downtown gourmet tour!
      The first Tsukiji Outer Market you will visit is Tokyo's largest market for seafood and other products from all over Japan.
      Although the Tsukiji Market has moved to Toyosu, there are still many restaurants and fresh fish stores that offer sushi, seafood bowls, and fisherman rice, and it is still a popular tourist destination.
    • Breakfast
      Fried eggs
      The pleasures of Tsukiji are not only seafood, but also gourmet food that is unique to the market. Please enjoy the carefully selected items including Tsukiji's specialty “egg-yaki” and the liveliness that can only be felt in Tsukiji.
      * Eating gourmet with 3 dishes (menu varies depending on the operating time and congestion situation)
    • Tourism Kachidoki Bridge
      Next, cross the Kachidoki Bridge connecting Tsukiji and Kachidoki, and head toward Tsukishima and Tsukudashima.
      Kachidoki Bridge was built for the World Exposition in 1940. It was a bridge that opened upwards when sailing ships, etc. When it was completed, it was the largest bridge in the East. Although the number of ships has been reduced and it no longer functions as a drawbridge, it is now a tourist spot designated as a national important cultural property.
      Kachidoki Bridge appears in various famous works such as Godzilla and Ultraman. Let's experience the retro atmosphere while crossing the bridge.
    • Tourism Tsukudashima (30minutes)
      After crossing Kachidoki Bridge, the first tour is in the Tsukudashima area. This is a hidden sightseeing spot that is known as the birthplace of Tsukudani, an indispensable part of Japanese food, and is characterized by its streets full of Edo atmosphere.
      Originally a single island at the mouth of the Sumida River, fishermen from Settsu Kuni Tsukuda (Nishiyodogawa Ward, Osaka Prefecture) emigrated in the early Edo period, and became the name of the place. Now it is connected to Ishikawajima and Tsukishima by reclamation.
      * We are currently renovating rivers in Tsukudashima
    • Tourism Tsukudani with a history of over 400 years
      Born in Tsukudashima during the Edo period, the traditional "Tsukudani" has been popular with Japanese people for over 400 years. Tsukudani is a side dish of small fish, kelp, and seaweed carefully cooked with soy sauce and sugar, and is indispensable to Japanese dining tables.
    • Tourism Shopping at the long-established Tsukudani shop
      Even now, Tsukudashima still has a long-established Tsukudani shopping street, where you can purchase a variety from the classic Tsukudani to valuable ones that cannot be found elsewhere.
      Since the taste and ingredients differ depending on the store, let's look for your favorite Tsukudani ♪
    • Tourism Tsukishima Monja Street
      "Tsukishima Monja Street" in the Tsukishima area. There are more than 80 Monja-yaki shops scattered around, and Monja-yaki is called "Tsukishima". Many shops have their own specialties, such as how to bake and ingredients, making it a popular tourist destination for Monja lovers.
    • Experience Challenge the "monjayaki experience"!
      "Monjayaki" is a downtown gourmet that mixes various ingredients with loosely soluble flour and cooks it on an iron plate. Baking ingredients on a hot iron plate and making a base for pouring soup is a unique way of cooking that is not found in ordinary meals.
      Let's make your own monja-yaki while enjoying the process up to completion ♪
    • Lunch (70minutes)
      “Monja-yaki” is a small spatula that you use to eat, while gradually scorching.
      By making it yourself, you have a more delicious and special feeling. It will definitely be a special memory.
      * Lunch will be a set that includes Monja-yaki (with one drink)
      * If you have any foods that you are allergic to, please let us know in advance.


Included in the fee
All taxes, and fees for all transit, meals, admissions, experiences, and guides, that have been clearly outlined in the itinerary.
***If any of the above fees are unused due to the customer’s circumstances, partial refunds will not be made.
Not included in the fee
Things that are not included above
***A tour conductor is not provided for this tour. Instead, a English speaking guide will be leading the tour***
・The schedule may change due to weather and transportation conditions.
・There will be a lot of walking throughout the day, so please come in comfortable clothing and appropriate shoes.
・If there are not enough participants for a tour, we will have to cancel the trip.
・In the case of a cancellation, we will contact you with at least 4 days to your trip.
・Families with children below the age of pre-school will not be able to participate in the tour.
Cancellation policy
Cancellation fees
・cancellations up to 11 days prior . . . No fee
・cancellations up to 10 days prior . . . 20% of the trip fee
・cancellations up to 7 days prior . . . 30% of the trip fee
・cancellations 1 day prior . . . 40% of the trip fee
・cancellations the day of . . . 50% of the trip fee
・no show . . . 100% of the trip fee
Changing booking details
・Please check the trip documents to see changes regarding fees when changing trip plans.
・If you cancel due to personal reasons and the trip goes under the required participant number, you will be charged a cancellation fee based on the cancellation policies.
・If the trip gets full, we will not be able to accept more participants.
Please make reservation changes on MY PAGE, however, if you are making changes within 3 days to your trip, please contact us directly. 
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