Kinkowan (kagoshima bay)

Kinkowan (kagoshima bay)

Kinko Bay lies in southern Kagoshima, in between Satsuma and Okuma peninsulas, and is a sea made by a massive volcanic eruption approximately 30,000 years ago. In the north of the bay, the beauty of Kinko Bay's Serenity and Sakura-jima’s flowing volcanic smoke, awaits visitors as one of Kagoshima’s greatest vistas. The active volcanism of the area can be seen in a phenomenon called “tagiri” by locals, in which gasses emitted by underwater volcanoes create bubbles on the sea’s surface. It is a rather bizarre sight to behold, that gives the illusion of the ocean boiling up. Approximately 300 dolphins live freely in this nutritionally rich sea, and the cute sight of them jumping playfully can often be seen from the coastline. For the adventurous souls who want to get up close, there are tour cruises going around Sakurajima, and kayak programs to experience the bay’s natural beauty. Enjoy the bay to the fullest!

Basic Information

Hiralawacho kagoshimashi kagoshima
(Kagoshima Tourism Convention Association)
[Guide] a guide group sakurajima giosark, [japanese] reservations 080-4873-7574


  • FromShiden/Kagoshima station direction
    [Aquarium] Bus stop → On foot (about 1 minute) → Sakurajima Ferry Terminal

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