Demachi Futaba

Demachi Futaba Daifuku rice cake

Demachi Futaba

Demachi Futaba is a Japanese confectionary shop in Kyoto Prefecture. It is located in the Demachi-yanagi area of the Kamikyo ward, of Kyoto City.

Their popular product is the "Mame-mochi" (bean rice cake). The soft texture of the Mame-mochi are often compared to that of a baby's cheeks, and their filling is mixed with generous amounts of lightly salted, chunky red beans. The cakes are filled with a light paste that is neither too sweet nor too bland. The cakes are unforgettably delicious with a sophisticated taste, and keep people coming back from all around Japan.

The shop also offers seasonal desserts such as "kuri-mochi" (chestnut rice cakes) in autumn, and "sakura-mochi" (pink-hued rice cakes wrapped in cherry blossom leaves) rice cakes in spring. Demachi Futaba is a famed shop of Kyoto, and is a must-visit for any trip.

Masugata shopping arcade and Shimogamo Shrine are located nearby, as well as the Kamogawa River, which is a place for relaxation for Kyotoites.

Basic Information

236 Seiryu-cho, Imadegawa-noboru, Demachi-dori, Kamikyo-Ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture 
Tuesdays and every third Wednesday
Nadai mamemochi :¥170
Hana dango:¥160
Inaka daifuku(yomogi daifuku):¥180
Yomogi dango:¥130
Fukuyama daifuku:¥160  etc
Credit Card
credit cards not accepted 


  • FromOhto Line Demachi-yanagi Station
    About a 5-minute walk

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