Eizan Railway Momiji (Maple Tree) Tunnel

Eizan Railway Momiji Tunnel in autumn

Eizan Railway Momiji (Maple Tree) Tunnel

The Eizan Train in Kyoto runs through a tunnel of 280 Japanese maple trees. The tunnel of Japanese maple trees is located in the mountain valley in the northern part of Kyoto. Eizan train is a railway that runs around the northern part of Kyoto and connects Demachiyanagi Station and Kurama Station. This tunnel continues for about 820 feet between Ichihara Station and Ninose Station. In this section, you can enjoy the “green tunnel” of fresh green maple leaves during spring and summer, the “red tunnel” of maple leaves brightly colored in autumn colors in the fall, and lastly in the winter, a snow-covered world that spreads as far as eyes can see from the train windows. Train runs in a slower pace to make it easier for its passengers to enjoy the view during these seasons. Trees are lightened up during the season of autumn foliage. The illuminated trees at night shining in a burning, blazing red are also very attractive. Riding on a train on the observatory railway “Kirara” with larger windows may be a good choice too. You can enjoy the scenery along the railway even more!

Basic Information

Kuramaninose-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Between first and last train
Open year-round
One-way trip from Ichihara Station to Ninose Station: ¥210


  • FromDemachiyanagi Station
    【Demachiyanagi Sta.】Eizan Railway Main Line / for Kurama
    →【Momiji Tunnel (Ichihara Sta. ~ Ninose Sta.)】