Kurobe Dam is located in Tateyama City, Toyama Prefecture. This hydroelectric dam was built to generate energy from the Kurobe River that runs through the northern alps of the Tateyama Mountain Range. In the restoration period after World War Two, the Kansai region experienced a severe lack of electric power - the building of this dam in Tateyama, which is plentiful with water, was conducted to solve this problem. At the time, this region was secluded from the rest of the region due to being surrounded by the extremely tall mountains. The completed dam is able to store a massive amount of water equivalent to 160 Tokyo Domes. The dam still provides power to the Kansai Area to this day. From the rim of the dam, you can see a gorgeous combination of the emerald green lake below, and the towering Tateyama Mountain Range in the distance. This spot allows one to both appreciate the splendor of nature and the hard work and engineering of the pioneers who gave birth to the dam. From June to October, the dam conducts spectacle water discharges. These occasions attract many people who wish to see the powerful force of water, and the rainbow it creates in the dam.

Basic Information

Ashikuraji, Tateyama, Nakaniikawa District, Toyama 					
0261-22-0804(Kansai Amenix)						
6:45〜17:35(Changes Depending on Bus Schedule)						
December 1st - April 15th						
*Personal Vehicles Cannot Enter The Dam - Additional Transporation Fees From the Station Are Necessary			


  • FromKanden Tunnel Denki Bus
    Kanden Tunnel Trolley Bus For Kurobu Dam
    → Kurobe Dam Bus Stop → Short Walk to Dam