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Mount Inasa Observatory
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Mount Inasa stands in the city of Nagasaki of Nagasaki prefecture, and serves as one of the city’s prominent landmarks. The mountain is most well known for the breathtaking view it provides from its peak.

The view of Nagasaki is known to be one of the prettiest in Japan, and is even nicknamed the “10 million dollar view”.
A visit to Mount Inasa is quintessential for your Nagasaki tour.

About Mount Inasa

Night view from top of the mountain

Mount Inasa is a 333-meter tall mountain locating in the city of Nagasaki.

The mountain is known for the spectacular view it provides of Nagasaki.
The view, in fact, is even chosen as one of Japan’s three representative night views, along with the views from Mount Hakodate in Hokkaido and Mount Maya in Kobe.

Mount Inasa

The view is stunning during the daytime too. On clear days, you can see as far as Unzen in eastern Nagasaki and Amakusa in the neighboring Kumamoto prefecture.

Getting to the top of Mount Inasa

Majority of the visitors use the Nagasaki Ropeway to reach the peak of Mount Inasa, but you can also choose to hike up the mountain.

Nagasaki Ropeway – 長崎ロープウェイ

Nagasaki Ropeway

The Nagasaki Ropeway brings you from Fuchi Shrine at the foot of Mount Inasa to the very peak, Inasa Dake.

The ropeway re-opened in 2011 after a grand renewal, and the new gondolas were designed by the famed industrial designer group Ken Okuyama Design.

General: ¥1230
Junior high / high school students: ¥920
Elementary school students and younger: ¥610

〈One way〉
General: ¥720
Junior high / high school students: ¥510
Elementary school students and younger: ¥410

On most days of the year, there is a free shuttle loop bus running between 5 hotels in Nagasaki’s city center and Fuchi Shrine.

The shuttle runs between 7p.m. and 10p.m. from these hotels:

・ Hotel Belleview Nagasaki Dejima
・ Hotel Monterey Nagasaki
・ ANA Crowne Plaza Nagasaki Gloverhill
・ Hotel New Nagasaki
・ The Hotel Nagasaki BW Premiere Collection

Check out this page for the schedule.

Hiking up Mount Inasa

Fuchi Shrine on the base of Mount Inasa

Instead of taking the ropeway, you can choose to hike up Mount Inasa. The hiking trail begins at Fuchi Shrine as well, and is about a 1-hour walk up to the peak.

Mount Inasa Observatory – 稲佐山山頂展望台

The view from the observatory

From the Mount Inasa Observatory, you can witness the exquisite night view of Nagasaki.

Entrance into the observatory is free, and the observatory offers a 360° view of Nagasaki and Nagasaki Port. The observatory floor has built-in lights for an even more romantic evening.

Day or night, the view from Mount Inasa is sure to be an unforgettable element of your Nagasaki trip.

Hikari-no-Restaurant – ひかりのレストラン

Hikari-no-Restaurant locates on the second floor of the observatory.

Along with the spectacular view, Hikari-no-Restaurant serves some of Nagasaki’s representative dishes, such as champon noodle soup, toruko rice (Turkish rice) and sara udon. The walls of the restaurant are entirely glass, allowing all diners to delve in Nagasaki’s night view.

Check out Hikari-no-Restaurant's official website for more details.

Mount Inasa Park – 稲佐山公園

Mount Inasa Park

Mount Inasa Park locates halfway up the mountain.

The park provides play equipment, a fountain area and a beautiful azalea garden. The azalea garden hosts the park’s Azalea Festival every April.
Before or after your journey to the peak, you can take a break at Mount Inasa Park.

Mount Inasa Park Live Stage – 野外音楽堂

Mount Inasa Park Live Stage

On the 8th station of the mountain is the Mount Inasa Park Live Stage. This outdoor stage is one of the Kyushu regions’ representative open-air arenas, seating 15,000 people. Past performers include Nagasaki prefecture’s very own super stars such as Sada Masashi, Fukuyama Masaharu and MISIA.
The stage hosts the SKY JAMBOREE summer rock festival every year.


Mount Inasa Azalea Festival – 稲佐山つつじまつり (Apr. – May)

Mount Inasa Azalea Festival

From late April to early May, Mount Inasa Park is transformed into all shades of pinks and reds from the blossoming azaleas. The Mount Inasa Azalea festival is a weeklong event to enjoy the 80,000 azalea flowers blooming in the park.
During the week, karaoke events and folk song events are held at the park.


SKY JAMBOREE is a rock music festival held at the Mount Inasa Park Live Stage. Every August, a lineup of Japan’s hottest rock musicians performs at the park’s stage.
The event is hosted by FM Nagasaki, the prefecture’s leading radio station. Tickets can be bought via SKY JAMBOREE’s official website.


Nearest station: Ropeway-mae ロープウェイ前 (Bus stop)

From Nagasaki Station 長崎駅

【Nagasaki Station】Nagasaki Bus Line 3 or 4 / for Shimo Ohashi or Koebaru or Aigawa
→ 【Ropeway-mae】about a 2-minute walk

From Sasebo Station 佐世保駅

【Sasebo Sta.】(Bus) Nagasaki ~ Sasebo Line / for Chuo-bashi
→【Nagasaki Station】Nagasaki Bus Line 3 or 4 / for Shimo Ohashi or Koebaru or Aigawa
→【Ropeway-mae】about a 2-minute walk

From Nagasaki Airport 長崎空港

【Nagasaki Airport Sta.】(Bus) Nagasaki Airport Line [Nagasaki] / for Nagasaki eki-mae
→【Nagasaki eki-mae (Nagasak Sta.)】Nagasaki Bus Line 3 or 4 / for Shimo Ohashi or Koebaru or Aigawa
→【Ropeway-mae】about a 2-minute walk


364 Inasamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
095-861-6321 (Nagasaki Ropeway)
〈Observatory Tower〉
8:00a.m. - 10:00p.m.

9:00a.m. - 10:00p.m.
Early December (for maintenance)
General: ¥1230
Junior high / high school students: ¥920
Elementary school students and younger: ¥610

〈One way〉
General: ¥720
Junior high / high school students: ¥510
Elementary school students and younger: ¥410

Nearby Destinations

Oura Catholic Church – 大浦天主堂

Oura Catholic Church was built in 1865, and is the oldest Catholic church in Japan.
The church has a history of housing closeted Christians, as they were persecuted up until the late 20th century. The church’s stained glass windows have been in place for over 100 years, although most of it was destroyed in the Second World War.
Oura Catholic Church is designated as a national treasure, and is currently a World Heritage Site candidate.

Glover Garden – グラバー園

Glover Garden, located in southern Nagasaki city, is home to the former house of Scottish merchant, Thomas B. Glover.
Glover was active in Nagasaki during the late 19th century. In the premise are also former homes of British merchants Frederick Ringer and William J. Alt.
At night, the entire area lights up and creates the perfect setting for a romantic stroll.