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Ainokura Observatory

The Ainokura Observatory is located in the Ainokura gasshō-style village of Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture. The entire gasshō-style village that is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site can be viewed from the observation deck. There are 23 gasshō-style homes left in the village that create an idyllic, pastoral Japanese landscape. The observatory is just a five-minute walk from the Ainokura village parking lot. On clear days, the massive Hakusan mountain range is also visible behind the village. The view from the observation deck changes with the seasons creating beautiful scenes all year round, like the lush greenery of the summer and the autumn colors of the fall. Ainokura village also has a Folklore Museum where tools and household items from older times are displayed and a Traditional Industries Museum that visitors can check out.

Basic Information

Observation deck, Ainokura, Nanto, Toyama Prefecture
(Gokayama Tourist Information Center) 
24 hr/day 
*The observation deck is off limits at sunset and sunrise.
Open year-round
Regular:500 yen 
Small/medium buses(11 or more passengers):2,000 yen
Large bus(30 or more passengers):3,000 yen 
Two-wheeled vehicles:100 yen
【Japanese】 ・Gokayama Guide  Fee:2,000 yen per guide
(Up to one hour, group of 20 or less)  
【English】 ・Gokayama Guide  Fee:3,000 yen per guide
(Up to one hour, group of 20 or less)  

Reservations:Send the filled out Gokayama guide request form by fax, email, or mail to Gokayama Tourist Information Center 
*Reservation period:From 3 months to one week before tour day


  • FromJR Johana Station
    Take the Kaetsunou World Heritage Bus (Shirakawa-go direction) to 【Ainokuraguchi  bus stop】→ 10 minute walk
Category: Nature / scenery