ACHI BASE is located in Shimoina-gun, Nagano Prefecture. It was built in 2017 as a sightseeing hub for Achi Village, where you can see "Japan's best starry sky". ACHI BASE is a café during the day, and turns into a bar at night. During the day here, you can enjoy the specialty café menu that originated in Achi village, while viewing Achi River. At night, you can savor authentic pasta and pizza while marveling at fantastical projection mapping effects. You will be impressed by the gourmet cuisine using southern Nagano's fresh produce, not available anywhere else in Japan. Within the facility of ACHI BASE, there’s a shop selling produce from Achi village and exclusive items from Hirugami Hot Spring. There is also the counter to rent bicycles and shoes.

Basic Information

338−25 Chisato, Achi Village, Shimoina-gun, Nagano
Cafe Lunch: 10:00〜14:00, Cafe Sweet: 14:00〜17:30 (LO. 17:00), Bar・Dinner:19:00〜23:30(LO. 23:00)						


  • From7 minutes by car from Sonohara Exit, Chuo Expressway
    11minutes by car from Iidayamamoto Exit, Chuo Expressway