Kusakiko Lake & Kusaki Dam

Kusakiko Lake & Kusaki Dam

Kusakiko Lake & Kusaki Dam are in Midori City, eastern Gunma Prefecture. The Kusaki dam blocks the Watarase River, the first tributary of the Tonegawa River, and a Kusakiko Lake is the reservoir stretches upstream from Kusaki Dam.

In spring, cherry blossoms near the dam bloom, possibly giving you a wonderful view of the dam with flowers in the foreground. You can enjoy the contrast between blossoming nature and the manmade massive concrete dam. The trail around Kusakiko Lake is a popular spot for hiking. How about enjoying the spectacular view of Kusakiko Lake with the Ashio Mountain Range in the background?

Basic Information

564 Azumachozama, Midori City, Gunma Prefecture
0277-76-1270 (Midori City Industrial Tourism Department Tourism Division)


  • FromGodo Station (Watarase Keikoku Railway)
    Midori City Azumacho scheduled bus, Souri Line
    →Dam Side bus stop→ short walk

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