Namahage Museum

The Namahage Museum is located in the Oga Peninsula of Akita prefecture, which is the birthplace of the famous namahage tradition. Namahage is a demon-like being from traditional Japanese folklore, and wears a cape covered in straw. It is a local tradition in the Oga Peninsula for the namhage to roam the streets on New Years Eve. At this museum, you can see real namahage costumes and learn about the tradition. You can even try on a namahage costume and take a photo. This is the place to go to immerse yourself into Oga Peninsula’s namahage tradition.

Basic Information

Aza-Mizukuisawa, Shinzan, Kitaura, Oga-shi, Akita
8:30a.m. to 5:00p.m.
Open year-round
Adults: ¥500
Elementary and middle school students: ¥250


  • FromAkita Station
    【Akita Sta.】JR Oga Line / for Oga 
    →【Hadachi Sta.】→ 15 minutes by taxi
  • FromAkita Airport
    【Akita Airport Sta.】Akita Chuo Kotsu Bus / for Shiyakusho
    →【Akita Sta.】JR Oga Line / for Oga 
    →【Hadachi Sta.】→ 15 minutes by taxi

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