What is the 'Bookstore Hotel': Book and Bed Tokyo?
What makes Book and Bed Tokyo (Shinjuku) Special?
Guide to the Hotel's Accommodation Areas
Other Facilities: Toiletries, Amenities, Spaces
Things to Note Before Visiting

Have you ever woken up with a book in one hand, not able to remember which page you fell asleep on? This is an experience that many avid readers can attest to, and perhaps even love. Book and Bed Tokyo is a unique hotel that embraces this life of a bookworm, with its relaxing interior and walls full of almost 3,000 books.
A stay in this unique hotel will surely mark the memories of your travels. This article introduces Book and Bed Tokyo, a hotel opened in May 2018 in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

What is Book & Bed Tokyo @ Shinjuku?

The very first Book and Bed Tokyo opened in Ikebukuro in 2015, and since then has expanded to a total of five locations. As of the writing of this article (June 2018), these locations are: Ikebukuro, Asakusa, Kyoto, Fukuoka and Shinjuku.

The concept of Book and Bed Tokyo is a "Bookstore Hotel". Imagine a modern, aesthetic city bookstore and add beds for travelers, and you have this hotel. The number of genres and individual books varies between branches, and can go to an upwards of 3,000 books. The hotel's walls full of books includes novels, magazines, comic books, and a great number of English books too.

The hotel also offers non-overnight stays, in which guests can use the hotel's facilities to pass the time during the day. Drop by, pick up a book, and let the clock tick away as you sit deeply into a couch.

What makes Book and Bed Tokyo (Shinjuku) Special?


The lobby of Book and Bed Tokyo (photo courtesy: BOOK AND BED TOKYO)

Book and Bed Tokyo's Shinjuku building opened as the 5th in the chain. The hotel lobby makes a bold statement as you walk in with the countless books hanging from the ceiling, and immediately immerses you into a world of books.

The books in Book and Bed Tokyo Shinjuku were chosen by SPBS, a popular bookstore in Shibuya, and count up to a total of approximately 2,500. To accommodate for the high number of international tourists in the Shinjuku area, a large selection of English travel guides are stocked in the hotel as well.

Guide to the Accommodation Areas

There are 55 beds at Book and Bed Tokyo Shinjuku. The sizes range from Single, Comfort Single, Double and Superior Room. The rooms (besides the Superior Room) in this hotel are located between bookshelves, and feel kind of like a secret hideout of your childhood dreams.

All rooms come with a light, private curtain, hanger, WiFi, electrical outlets, slippers and a locker.


Single Room (Credit: BOOK AND BED TOKYO)

The Single room is for one person. The room is simple and perfect for a night of reading. It is the most affordable of the four options.


Comfort Single Room (Credit: BOOK AND BED TOKYO)

The Comfort Single Room is a bit more spacious than the Single room, and is equipped with a semi-double size bed. This room also is for one person, and gives a little extra room for you to stretch in.


Double Room (Credit: BOOK AND BED TOKYO)

The Double room comes with a double bed, and can accommodate up to two people. Book this room when you come to the hotel with a friend.


Superior room (Credit: BOOK AND BED TOKYO)

The Superior Room is the largest out of the four rooms. The room has a king size bed, and accommodates up to two people.

Other Facilities


Shared shower area (Credit: BOOK AND BED TOKYO)

How do toiletries work at Book and Bed Tokyo? The shower, bathroom, and sink areas are shared among guests of the hotel. Amenities such as shampoo, body soap, and bath towels are sold at the front desk.


The sofa in the lobby (Credit: BOOK AND BED TOKYO)

The sofa in the lobby is for everybody to use. You can relax here with your book.

As for food, guests are free to bring in their own food. There are oven toasters, kettles and coffee machines for guests to use as well. Between 11:00a.m. and 8:00p.m., there is an open café space that is free to use.

On Daytime Usage

BOOK AND BED TOKYO Shinjuku allows guests to visit during the day time – meaning you don’t have to stay overnight. Between 1:00p.m. and 8:00p.m., you can stay at BOOK AND BED TOKYO Shinjuku for ¥540 per hour. You can even use the beds if they are open on that day! Reservations are not accepted for daytime usage.

Before Visiting…

No Cash-payment

All BOOK AND BED TOKYO locations do not accept cash! Reservations can only be paid for by card, and daytime users can pay with either card or IC card (SUICA, PASMO, etc.)

Don’t Take the Books!

The books at BOOK AND BED TOKYO are not for sale or available to rent out. Do not take them out of the hotel, and treat them with respect.

Access to the hotel

Nearest station: Shinjuku Station (JR, Odakyu, Toei and Keio Lines)

From Tokyo Station

【Tokyo Sta.】JR Chuo Line / for Nakano
→【Shinjuku Sta.】East Exit → about a 6-minute walk

From Haneda Airport

【Haneda Airport Sta.】Keikyu Line / for Shinagawa
→【Shinagawa Sta.】JR Yamanote Line / for Shibuya
→【Shinjuku Sta.】East Exit → about a 6-minute walk

From Narita Airport

【Narita Airport Sta.】Keisei Skyliner / for Keisei Ueno
→【Nippori Sta.】JR Yamanote Line / for Ikebukuro
→【Shinjuku Sta.】East Exit → about a 6-minute walk

Fun, Cozy and Photogenic! Book and Bed Tokyo in Shinjuku

Not only is BOOK AND BED TOKYO Shinjuku a fun, cozy hotel experience, but the design of the building is also incredibly photogenic. With books hanging from the ceiling and the beautiful wooden bookshelves, it’s a waste not to snap some photos while staying at BOOK AND BED TOKYO Shinjuku.


Kabukicho APM Building 8F 
27-5 1-Chome, Kabukicho, Shinjuku,
1:00p.m. - 8:00p.m.

Check-in: between 4:00p.m. and 11:00p.m.
Check-out: by 11:00a.m.
Open year-round
from ¥5,300 per night (1 person/room)

from ¥5,800 per night (1 person/room)

from ¥10,000 per night (up to 2 people/room)

from ¥12,000 per night (up to 2 people/room)
Credit Card
Card only (cash unaccepted)

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