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Udo-jingu Shrine sits on a cliff right across from the Hyuga Sea. The honden, or main hall, is located inside of a cave in the cliff.
An Udo-jingu must is the “Undama-nage”, or Lucky Ball throw, where you throw a small ball into a hollow of a rock. Successfully landing the ball in the hollow is said to bring you good luck and go grant a wish.
Visit Udo-jingu Shrine to test your luck!

About Udo-jingu Shrine

Udo-jingu Shrine locates in Miyazaki prefecture’s city of Nichinan, deep down south in the Kyushu region. The shrine is said to bring blessings in matchmaking, healthy relationships and childbirth safety.
Called “Udo-san” by locals, Udo-jingu is Miyazaki’s representative shrine.


The stairs up to Udo-jingu

In order to go to Honden to pray, one must climb down a set of stone steps made on the cliff. This action of descending towards the main hall is called “kudari-miya”, and is a rare sight.
Along with Ichinomiya Nukisaki Shrine in Gunma prefecture and Kusakabe Yoshimi Shrine in Kumamoto prefecture, Udo-jingu is home to Japan’s three famous kudari-miya style shrines.

The History of Udo-jingu Shrine

Although the exact year of establishment is not for sure, legend has it that this shrine was built as a delivery room for Princess Toyatama as she was going to birth a deity. The Udo-jingu shrine was built specifically during Empress Suiko's reign. After the Heian period, this shrine is seen as a sacred place on the shugendo road.

Sights to see at Udo-jingu Shrine

Inside the cave: Honden and more


The honden

The honden, or main hall of Udo-jingu, is inside of a cave facing the Hyuga Sea. This cave is said to have been used for the birth to the deity in the Japanese story of Umisachi Yamasachi.



Besides the main hall, you can find a rabbit, called the “nade-usagi”. It is said that petting this rabbit will bring you luck in your health.
There is also the “ochichi-iwa”, literally meaning “breast rock”.
For those who want luck in safe childbirth and parenting, this rock may help!

Challenge yourself to the Undama-nage with a wish in mind



The hollow is surprisingly far away, but landing it in there is supposed to grant any wish of yours. It won’t be easy but it’s worth a try!



Undama-nage is a must for all visitors! Buy a set of 5 lucky stones for \100, and throw them into the hollow of Kameishi, a huge rock resembling a turtle.
It is tradition for women to throw the stone with their right hand and men with their left.

“Ochi-chi Ame”


Ochi-chi iwa

Inside of the cave is a rock resembling a breast, which is said to have been placed there to help a legendary princess with raising her child.
According to legend, the princess’s son drank the water dripping from the rock and grew up to be the shrine’s main deity.
To this day, water drips from the rock, and is even turned into candy! The candy is called “Ochi-chi Ame” (literally “breast candy”), and is sold for ¥300 a bag.
Drop one candy inside a glass of warm water, and apparently mothers will have an easier time producing breast milk.
Test this souvenir out if you or your friends are struggling with breast milk!


March: "Shan Shan Medou"

Every March, Udo-jingu Shrine holds a Miyazaki prefecture's traditional marriage event, called "Shan Shan Medou". The name of the event comes from the act of a bride getting on a horse, riding around the Udo-jingu Shrine, and listening to the bell attached to the horse's neck ring in the wind. At this event, many brides and grooms pray for a safe pregnancy and healthy child.


Nearest Station: Udo-jingu Bus Stop

From Miyazaki Station

【Miyazaki Sta.】Local Bus (Miyazaki Kotsu) / for Obi
→【Udo-jingu Bus Stop】→ About a 10-minute walk

From Nichinan Station

【Nichinan Sta.】Local Bus (Miyazaki Kotsu) / for Miyazaki Sta.
→【Udo-jingu Bus Stop】→ About a 10-minute walk

From Miyazaki Airport

【Miyazaki Airport】Local Bus (Miyazaki Kotsu) / for Obi
→【Udo-jingu Bus Stop】→ About a 10-minute walk

Test your luck at a shrine with the best view

Udo-jingu Shrine is located in a very lucky spot. However, in order to go to the worship area, you must climb steep stairs and hills, so it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. This is a very enjoyable area with many activities to try out!


3232, Miyaura, Nichinan, Miyazaki
Apr. to Sept.: 6:00a.m. - 7:00p.m.
Oct. to Mar.: 7:00a.m. - 6:00a.m.
Open year-round

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