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Takachiho is a town located in northern Miyazaki prefecture, and is known for its deep connection with the Shinto religion. The town also boasts an abundance of nature, from its lush green trees to its famous gorges.
To fully absorb Takachiho’s natural blessings, you can ride the Takachiho Amaterasu Railway for a full 30-minute train ride surrounded by nature.
The railway was originally a local line, but was discontinued after being damaged by a typhoon.
Later, it was reconstructed and revamped into the Takachiho Amaterasu Railway for visitors enjoy and appreciate the beautiful town of Takachiho.

About the Takachiho Amaterasu Railway

The Takachiho Amaterasu Railway opened in 2010, after a discontinued local train line was revampled into a shorter, more scenic route. The round trip measures about 5 kilometers, and connects Takachiho Station and Takachiho Bridge.

The train cart is made from a small truck, and is an original train only found here in Takachiho. The 30-minute train ride is nice and slow so you can enjoy every minute of the journey.

Takachiho Bridge

A long Takachiho Bridge

Takachiho Bridge

One of the highlights of the train ride is the Takachiho Bridge. The bridge is 105 meters above the ground and measures 352 meters long. During its opening days in the 1970s, it was Japan’s highest bridge.

Quick stop for the view on the bridge

Stop for a bit on the bridge

The view from the bridge is breathtaking and changes very season. The train will stop for a bit on the bridge, so you will have enough time to enjoy the view.

In the new train model, running from 2017, the train has a glass floor, allowing riders to peek below for a thrilling view.

Amaterasu Railway’s Fun Quirks

The railway has some creative quirks for visitors to enjoy.

One is the illumination in the two tunnels of the route. The lights are projected from the front of the train, so sit in the front car for the best view of the illumination.

Open Rail Yard

The railway vehicle of Takachiho Railway

The railway vehicle of Takachiho Railway

The rail yard is open at Takachiho Station, and there you can see the older train models of the Amaterasu Railway cars. The cars are preserved well, and you can even go inside of them.
You can even put on a helmet and go under the cars to see what it looks like down there.

At Takachiho Bridge, the train conductor will blow bubbles. The bubbles floating around in the air in the vast sky creates a dream-like view.

Types of Cars

Grand Super Cart

The Grand Super Cart began running in 2017, and runs on diesel fuel. It holds 30 passengers and runs 10 trips a day.
This is the car with the glass floor. During your journey, you can enjoy Takachiho from all different angles.

Super Cart

The Super Cart is run only occasionally. This small car holds 18 passengers, and is the original model of the Amaterasu Railways car. The car was originally a small truck.

Café Mirakolo

Café Mirakolo locates inside Takachiho Station, and here you can enjoy local Miyazaki cuisine. Some local reocmmendations include Nichinan Chicken Curry and Kushi-Nanban, using chicken from Miyazaki prefecture.


Inside Takachiho Station is a souvenir shop where you can buy Takachiho souvenirs, like handkerchiefs and tshirts. The items sold at the shop are only available there!


Nearest station: Takachiho Bus Center (bus stop)

From Miyazaki Station 宮崎駅

【Miyazaki Sta.】JR Nippo Line / for Nobeoka
→【Nobeoka Sta.】Miyazaki Transportation City Bus / for Takachiho
→【Takachiho Bus Center】→ about a 10-minute walk

From Kumamoto Station 熊本駅

【Kumamoto Sta.】Highway Bus Takachiho Express / for Nobeoka
→【Takachiho Bus Stop】→ about a 10-minute walk

From Miyazaki Airport 宮崎空港

【Miyazaki Airport Sta.】JR Miyazaki Airport Line / for Nobeoka
→ 【Nobeoka Sta.】City Bus Miyazaki Transportation / for Takachiho
→ 【Takachiho Bus Center】→ about a 10-minute walk

Don't forget to check the weather

Takachiho Amaterasu Railways is a spot where visitors can enjoy Takachiho's nature to the maximum. However, because it is operated outdoors, heavy rainfall and strong winds will effect the operation. Also, make sure to be attentive to non-operating days due to the closure of the bridge.


1425-1, Mitai, Takachiho-cho Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki
10:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.
every Thursday
Entrance fee: ¥100

Ride fare
・General: ¥1200
・Elementary and middle school students: ¥700
・Toddlers: ¥300

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