About the Ryujin Suspension Bridge
Bungee Jumping at Ryujin Suspension Bridge

The Ryujin Suspension Bridge, located in Hitachi-ota, Ibaraki, is the third longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan at 375m long. The bridge is also impressive in height, and stands 100m from the Ryujin Dam and lake below it. Bungee jumping at Ryujin Suspension Bridge takes advantage of the bridge's sheer height, and gives visitors the thrill of Japan's longest vertical fall!

About the Ryujin Suspension Bridge

The Ryujin Suspension is a 375m-long pedestrian bridge built in 1994, and was the longest of its kind in Japan until 2006, when Kokonoe-yume Suspension Bridge was built in Oita Prefecture. The bridge is built to withstand severe weather conditions, and is said to be able to hold the weight of 3,500 people.

The name of Ryujin Valley, over which the bridge passes over, means "valley of the divine dragon". Taking after its name, the steel posts supporting the bridge's cables are also designed with dragon motifs.

Bungee Jumping at Ryujin Suspension Bridge

The bungee jump at Ryujin Suspension Bridge is the highest in Japan, at a height of 100m. The operator of this bungee jump is Bungee Japan, the only company organizing bridge bungee jumps in Japan. Alongside Ryujin Suspension Bridge, Bungee Japan also hosts bungee jumps at Sarugakyo Hot Springs in Gunma Prefecture, and Itsuki Village in Kumamoto Prefecture.

< Operating Times >
9:00 - 17:00 (reception closes 16:30)

< Fees >
First time: ¥16,000
Second time and after: ¥10,000 (Certification & ID are necessary)

< Notes >
On-site payments may only be made in cash

Celebrate Coming-of-Age with a Bungee Jump!

Originally, bungee jumping is said to have originated from "Naghol", a coming-of-age ceremony in the Republic of Vanuatu. In tribute to those roots, a number of new adults in Hitachi-ota City attempt bungee jumping here at Ryujin Suspension Bridge.

This takes place every year around the city's coming-of-age ceremony, and a great number of people gather from the early morning to witness the event. Some of the participants even jump in suits and furisode (glamorous kimonos worn by young women), adding even more flare to the event.

Let the Bungee Jumping Begin!

Let's take a look at how the bungee jumping takes place, and what you need to participate!

Before the Bungee Jump

Reception will take place at a booth by Ryujin Suspension Bridge. You will be told to sign a voucher, weigh yourself, and be put into a harness before being taken to the center of Ryujin Suspension Bridge. Once you're there, there's no going back!

Preparing for the Jump

Once you'er in place, you'll be fully suited in bungee gear and be taught how to jump properly. At this point, you'll be standing on a wireframe floor with a full view of the 100m-drop!

5,4,3,2,1... Down you Go! Time for Bungee Jumping

Right before the jump

It's finally time to jump when the staff counts you in from 5. Try to imagine jumping forwards for a beautiful posture.

On the rebound, you'll have a great view of the Ryujin Suspension Bridge from underneath. If you're not too panicked at this point, the view around is worth a gaze. You'll feel like a bird flying through the nature-rich valley!

Getting winched up after the bungee jump

After your jump, all you have to do is follow the instructions and let the winch pull you up. No matter how afraid you were at first, you'll be full of satisfaction here!

Receive your Certificate

The post-bungee jump certificate

After your jump, return to the reception desk and receive your certificate. An optional photograph of you bungee jumping is available for ¥3,500 (photography fee included).


■Eligibility of participation
A number of guidelines must be met for you to be safely eligible to bungee jump.

・Weight limit: 40kg - 105kg
・Age: 15 years and above
・No intoxication
・Pregnant persons are ineligible to participate
・If you have any other health concerns (asthma, heart disorders, etc.), please consult the staff

■In the case of poor weather conditions
While Bungee jumping will proceed in light showers, heavy rain and wind may result in cancellation. In the case of Ryujin Suspension Bridge closing itself to traffic due to poor weather, bungee jumping will be cancelled accordingly.


Nearest station: Ryujin-otsuribashi (bus stop)

From Tokyo Station

【Tokyo Sta.】JR Ueno Tokyo Line Hitachi Limited Express / for Iwaki
→【Mito Sta.】JR Suigun Line / for Koriyama
→【Kamisugaya Sta.】JR Suigin Line / for Hitachi-Ota
→【Hitachi-Ota Sta.】Local Bus Ibaraki Kotsu / for Shimotakakura and Daigo
→【Ryujin-otsuribashi Bus Stop】

From Mito Station

【Mito Sta.】JR Suigun Line / for Koriyama
→【Kamisugaya Sta.】JR Suigin Line / for Hitachi-Ota
→【Hitachi-Ota Sta.】Local Bus Ibaraki Kotsu / for Shimotakakura and Daigo
→【Ryujin-otsuribashi Bus Stop】

From Ibaraki Airport

【Ibaraki Airport Sta.】Airport Bus Ibaraki Kotsu / for Mito
→【Mito Sta.】JR Suigun Line / for Koriyama
→【Kamisugaya Sta.】JR Suigin Line / for Hitachi-Ota
→【Hitachi-Ota Sta.】Local Bus Ibaraki Kotsu / for Shimotakakura and Daigo
→【Ryujin-otsuribashi Bus Stop】

Reservations are Recommended!

The Ryujin Suspension Bridge Bungee Jump is a popular bungee spot, with tens and thousands of people visiting annually. You can register on the day of, but it is recommended that you make a reservation in prior to your visit. The wait can be quite draining (over 3 hours on weekends!) for day-of registrations. Overcome your fears and take on Japan's highest bungee jump, for a sense of satisfaction like no other!

Bungee jumping reservations can be made from here.


2133-6 Keganocho, Hitachiota 313-0351, Ibaraki Prefecture
+81 294-87-0375
8:30a.m. - 5:00p.m.
Open all-year-round
Adult: ¥310
Child: ¥210

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