Yanaka Beer Hall

Yanaka Beer Hall

Yanaka Beer Hall is located in Taito-ku, Tokyo. It is one of the tenants in "Ueno Sakuragi Atari", a multipurpose commercial facility born by renovating a Kominka(Japanese-style old house). You can enjoy Yanaka Beer, the craft beer in the Kominka-renovated store. Interspersed all over is "Retrospective", such as timbers aging into deep amber color, screw-type keys on window frames reminding us of Showa period and old newspapers on the wall. "Yanaka Beer" is a representative local beer made on the base of Japanese craft beer manufacturer "August Beer". The dark brown beer uses the image of "Yuyake Dan-dan", a sightseeing spot next to Yanaka Ginza Shotengai, with fragrant tastes made of 2 kinds of hops and roasted malt. It is a clear- tasting Pilsner. There are 4 types of craft beer in the Yanaka series, "Yanaka Dry", "Yanaka Golden" and "Yanaka Bitter",and "Yanaka Beer". Also, there are 4 other kinds of August series crafts made by August Beer and original flavored beer tuned with fruits and herbs. They serve a flight set, and you can find your favorite craft beer.

Basic Information

2-15-6 Atari, Ueno Sakuragi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
11:00am〜8:30pm(LO. 8:00pm)
※Open 11:00am〜3:30pm on Mondays
Open year-round
Tasting set Yanaka series:1,400JPY
Tasting set August series:1,200JPY
Glass beer:S(235ml) 600JPY / M(350ml) 900JPY / L(470ml)
1,200JPY etc.
Ueno Sakuragi Atarihttps://uenosakuragiatari.jp


  • FromNippori Station (JR Line)
    About at 10 minutes from South gate by foot

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