Kochi Prefectural Ryoma Sakamoto Memorial

Ryoma Sakamoto Memorial

Kochi Prefectural Ryoma Sakamoto Memorial

The Kochi Prefectural, Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Hall is located in Katsurahama, Urato, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture. It is a memorial hall of Ryoma Sakamoto, one of Japan's most popular historical figures, known for his role as a "Shishi" (anti-Shogunate activists) at the end of the Meiji Period. The modern-style architecture fits beautifully between the white beaches and blue skies, and is comprised from two structures — the main, and new building — that were newly renovated in 2018. The new building exhibits a rich collection of Sakamoto’s contemporary documents. You wil see letters written by him to his dear sister, Otome, and the Kaientai’s (Sakamoto’s private shipping company) code of conduct, whose writing is a reflection of his goals and ideals. Throughout his life, Sakamoto spent many phases in different locations. On the second floor of the main building, you can study his steps from Tosa to Edo, Nagasaki, and Kyoto, through detailed archives of his time. After a thorough experience of Ryoma's life, go to the rooftop rest area. The rooftop gives a fabulous view of the Pacific Ocean. There is also an indoor rest area with a view of the ocean, if you would like to take in this view from a different angle.

Basic Information

830 Urato Shiroyama, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture
9: 00-17: 00 (Last call:  16:30)
Fee <Exhibition> Adult (over 18 years old): 700 yen High school students and younger: Free <Except for the time of project development> Adult (over 18 years old): 500 yen High school students and under: Free
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  • FromJR Kochi Station and Saden Kotsu Bus / Katsurahama
    → [Ryoma Memorial Hall] Bus stop → Walk (about 2 minutes)