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"Katsurahama" faces to the Pacific Ocean in Kochi-shi, Kochi Pref. It is an arch-shaped sand beach with 2 capes named "Ryuzu Misaki" and "Ryuo Misaki".

Azure sea, white sand and thick green pine trees are definitely scenic beauties. The beach is well-known as a notable spot to admire the moon, and its scenery has been recited by poets and great writers since ancient times. A moon viewing party is held on "Chushu no Meigetu"(the Harvest Moon) every year, and people enjoy the feast and "Tsumiki sake"(moon-viewing sake).

It is also known as a place which Ryoma Sakamoto, a Tosa's patriot during the end of Edo period, loved the most. ("Tosa" is an old name for Kochi Pref. area). Ryoma's statue stands facing to the Pacific Ocean. The event "The Closest Approach to Ryoma" is held every year, in which a tower of 13m height is established next to the statue to view the ocean with the same viewpoint of Ryoma. "Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum" is located in the mountain side of the city. There are accurately reproduced "Omi-ya", Ryoma's original handwritten letters, the model of Sakamoto family and so on, with Ryoma fans visiting from all over the world.

Basic Information

9, Urado, Kochi-shi, Kochi Pref.
088-823-9457 (Kochi city Tourism Promotion Section)


  • FromKochi Station (JR Dosan Line) MY YU Bus / thu Godaisan →【Katsurahama】Bus Stop
    A short walk from the bus stop

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