Niiyama Temple

Niiyama Temple, founded in 729, locates in Kanzaki city in eastern Saga and is known for its beautiful autumn foliage. The temple is also known as “Sannou-san”, and worships the deity of the mountains and the deity of agriculture. Inside the temple grounds, there are many massive camphor trees that are more than 600 years old and also some aged maple trees. Every fall, the temple bustles with many people who come to enjoy the view of these trees dyed blazing red. We recommend you to visit both Niiyama Temple and Kunennan, the facility adjacent to the temple that is an amazing spot to see the autumn foliage. Impressive figures of two Kongo Rikishi statues that stand besides Nioumon gate are also things to see in this temple. Furthermore, a festival called Ooonda-sai is held in April for 13 days, once every twelve years. Ondamai is a traditional dance expressing the rice-planting that is done to wish for good harvest. It has been danced for more than 1200 years and is performed for more than an hour and a half for continuous days during the festival period. This will be held next in 2028.

Basic Information

1692 Ikuha, Kanzaki-machi, Kanzaki-shi, Saga


  • FromKanzaki Bus Stop (Highway)
    【Kanzaki Bus Stop】less than a minute walk

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