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Fukuroda Falls, located in the northern area of Ibaraki prefecture, is named one of the three major falls in Japan (日本三名瀑), along with Kegon Falls in Tochigi prefecture and Nachi Falls in Wakayama prefecture. Poets throughout Japanese history have praised the beauty of the falls. Saigyo, a 12th century priest and poet, gave the name “Yodo no Taki (四度の滝)”, saying that one must visit the falls four times (yodo; 四度) for every season to fully appreciate its beauty. A visit to Fukuroda Falls will let you unwind and harmonize with nature.

Fukuroda Falls throughout the Seasons

One of the most fascinating things about Fukuroda Falls is the different scenery it provides throughout the four seasons.

Spring and Summer


Fukuroda Falls in the summer

During the spring and summer months, Fukuroda Falls is surrounded by lush greenery. The refreshing, cooling sight and surrounding atmosphere will help you (at least temporarily) forget the hot and humid Japanese summer.



Fukuroda Falls and the fall foliage

There’s no question to why autumn is the most popular season for visiting Fukuroda Falls. The vibrant green leaves transform into gorgeous fall colors, creating a truly breathtaking fall foliage scene. As autumn inches into winter, the tinted leaves fall into the water, signaling another Fukuroda Falls transformation on its way.



Frozen Fukuroda Falls

Come back again in winter for an ethereal sight of Fukuroda Falls. When it gets cold enough, the hyobaku (氷瀑) phenomenon occurs, where the falls freeze altogether. The sensation makes it seem as if time has stopped, and creates a mysterious yet beautiful aura.

Sights to see at the Fukuroda Falls

Introduction to the must-see sights of Fukuroda Falls

Fukuroda Falls Tunnel


Inside the tunnel

In order to get to the Fukuroda Falls observatory decks, you must go through the tunnel. The tunnel, measuring 276 meters long and 3 meters high, was created in 1979. It leads to two observation decks, one with a view from the bottom of the falls, and another from above. The tunnel also leads to a suspension bridge that locates just across from the falls. Even while waiting to get to the observation decks, the tunnels are enjoyable as they are decked with lights to give off a mystical feeling.

Tickets for the tunnel are available at the entrance.
・ Adults: ¥300
・ Children (junior high school students and younger): ¥150

Observation Decks

As mentioned above, there are two observation decks. The first observation deck is closer to the bottom of the falls and more face-to-face. You can feel the force of Fukuroda Falls full on from this observation deck.

◾️First Observatory

The view from the first observation deck

◾️Second Observatory

The view from the second observation deck

The second observation deck is reached via elevator, and was completed in 2008. From this deck, you can see Fukuroda Falls from above and get a complete view of the falls with the surrounding nature. The view should be especially stunning during the fall foliage.

Another option: Hiking


The suspension bridge near Fukuroda Falls

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can hike around the area of Fukuroda Falls. After entering through the tunnel and crossing the suspension bridge, there is a hiking course. Mount Tsukiore (月居山) locates just by Fukuroda Falls, and you can trek the 404 meter course to the peak of the mountain and back. The hike features a few temples and of course, a lot of nature.


We will introduce the highlighted event at Fukuroda Falls.

Fukuroda Falls Light Up (Nov.)


Fukuroda Falls Light Up

For a few weeks in November, Fukuroda Falls is lit from below, exuding an unreal, magical beauty. Even the tunnel on the way to the falls is adorned with lights, creating the perfect entrance to the illuminated falls. Enjoy this collaboration of fall leaves and a glowing waterfall at Fukuroda Falls Illumination.


Nearest station: JR Fukuroda Station 袋田駅 (JR Suigun Line)

From Tokyo 東京駅

【Tokyo Sta.】JR Ueno Tokyo Line / for Mito
→【Mito Sta.】Suigun Line / for Koriyama
→【Fukuroda Sta.】City Bus / for Takimoto
→【Takimoto Bus Stop】→ about a 15-minute walk

From Mito Station 水戸駅

【Mito Sta.】Suigun Line / for Koriyama
→【Fukuroda Sta.】City Bus / for Takimoto
→【Takimoto Bus Stop】→ about a 15-minute walk

From Ibaraki Airport 茨城空港

【Ibaraki Airport Sta.】Ibaraki Airport Line / Mito-eki-kitaguchi
→【Mito Sta.】Suigun Line / for Koriyama
→【Fukuroda Sta.】City Bus / for Takimoto
→【Takimoto Bus Stop】→ about a 15-minute walk


3-19 Fukuroda, Daigo-machi, Kuji-gun, Ibaraki
・May to October: 8:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.
・November to April: 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.
(Open until 8:00p.m. during light-up season)
Open year-round
・General: ¥300
・Children: ¥150

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