Sights to see at the Kashima-jingu Shrine

Kashima-jingu Shrine, said to be built in the year 660, is a shrine long loved by locals. The shrine is a popular tourist spot as well, since Kashima Shrine creates a dream-like ancient Japanese atmosphere. Located in inland Ibaraki prefecture, the shrine resides deep in the woods. You can feel the depth of its history through its wooden build and traditional architectural designs. Take a stroll, pray, and even have fun with deer at Kashima Shrine!


Kashima Jingu Shrine Entrance Exterior

Kashima-jingu Entrance

According to ancient texts, Kashima Shrine was established in 660. It is the host shrine of the over 600 Kashima-jinja shrine branches throughout Japan. Kashima Shrine celebrates Takemigazuji-no-Okami, the god of the sword and thunder. For that reason, this shrine was heavily worshipped by warriors such as Minamoto no Yoritomo and Tokugawa Ieyasu.

The current shrine halls were constructed under the guidance of the second Tokugawa shogun, Hidetada. The shrine grounds measure 23.5 hectares, which is approximately about the size of five Tokyo Domes. Kashima Shrine is the most visited shrine in Ibaraki prefecture, and continues to welcome visitors from all over the world.

Sights to see at the Kashima-jingu Shrine

The Forest

Forest at Kashima-jingu Shrine

The forest around the shrine buildings

Take a stroll in the woods before or after your visit to the shrine. Kashima Shrine locates deep in the woods. The surrounding forest is home to over 600 different plant species, including chikapin, laurel and fir trees.

Main buildings: honden, ishino-ma, heiden and haiden

Kashima-jingu Shrine Honden Building


The buildings of the main hall were constructed under the guidance of the Second Tokugawa shogun, Hidetada. The honden (main hall) and heiden are connected with a corridor, named ishino-ma. The haiden, or prayer hall, can be entered during official prayer ceremonies or weddings.


Kashima-jingu Shrine Romon


The tower gate, or romon in Japanese, is known as one of Japan’s three main tower gates (日本三大楼門). The romon at Kashima Shrine is 13 meters high and named as an Important Cultural Property. The gate was constructed under the guidance of the first lord of the Mito fief, Tokugawa Yorifusa. The romon was repainted and fixed during the 1900s, allowing it to retain its stunning structure to this day.

Treasure Exhibit / Homotsuden – 宝物殿

The treasure exhibit showcases works of art, weapons and other items made and used in ancient Japan. The katana sword displayed here is actually the oldest and largest in Japan.
Opening hours:
・9:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.
・General: ¥300
・Junior high school students and younger: ¥100 (free on Saturdays and Sundays)


Oumei-sai - 白馬祭 (Jan.)

Oumei-sai Festival has a history of over 750 years. One of the main events of the festival is a holy white horse, considered holy and lucky, running through the shrine grounds. It is considered lucky to have your personal belongings, such as an omamori charm or a handkerchief, stepped on by the holy horse.

Daikan-misogi – 大寒みそぎ (Jan.)

During the Daikan-misogi event, young people jump into a lake for purification and good luck for the upcoming year. Men wear fundoshi, a traditional undergarment, while women wear a gown, and jump into the icy cold water while chanting.

Saito-sai – 祭頭祭

Saito-sai is one of the biggest festivals at Kashima Shrine. Attendees wear colorful garment and strut around the shrine grounds while carrying an 180cm long oak stick. The festival is to wish for successful harvest and to welcome spring.


From Tokyo Station 東京駅

【Tokyo Sta.】Highway Bus Kashima Express / for Kashima-jingu
→【Kashima-jingu Sta.】about a 10-minute walk

From Mito Station 水戸駅

【Mito Sta.】Kashima Rinkai Railway Oarai Kashima Line / for Kashima-jingu
→【Kashima-jingu Sta.】about a 10-minute walk

Wonders of the Power Spot

There are a couple strange wonders of the historical Kashima-jingu shrine. For example, there is a spiritual rock that can never be dug out even after 7 days of continuous digging and a pond that goes up to one's chest regardless of that person's age or height. Why don't you come see these strange wonders with your own eyes?


2306-1 Kyuchu, Kashima-shi, Ibaraki
Kashima-jingu Shrine:
・Open year-round

Homotsu-den (Treasure Exhibit)
・8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.
Open year-round
Kashima-jingu Shrine:

Homotsu-den (Treasure Exhibit)
・General: ¥300
・Junior high school students and below: ¥100 (Free on Saturdays and Sundays)

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