Aoyama Traditional Crafts Square

Category: Souvenir Other
Area: Minato-ku

Aoyama Traditional Crafts Square

Japan's Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square is a store located in Aoyama in Minato-ku, Tokyo.The store displays and sells various traditional crafts from all over Japan in cooperation with the production areas. The variety and number of items available at the store is very praiseworthy. In the store's large shopping area , they carry a wide range of classic crafts, such as lacquer ware, china ware, glass works, and wooden crafts. They also carry textiles and Japanese paper. Through craft-making demonstrations and temporary exhibitions, you can directly experience traditional Japanese culture. The store also has many visitors from abroad, and you can get guidance in English about the appeals of traditional crafts while you see and touch the items directly.

Basic Information

8-1-22 Akasaka Minato-ku 1F, Tokyo
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Open every day


  • FromTokyo Metro Aoyama Ichome Station
    about 3-min walk
Category: Souvenir Other
Area: Minato-ku

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