Jolly-Pad is located in Musashino City, Tokyo. It is a restaurant where you can enjoy cuisine from various countries. You can find it at the Harmonica Alley near Kichijouji Station. The restaurant has a very American look: there is ”Jolly-Pad” written in big letters on the side of the restaurant, and the interior design looks like it’s from 19th century America. We recommend you try the ”BBQ Sumibi Kushiyaki (BBQ炭火串焼き)”, which is a 30 cm long stick with char-grilled meat and vegetables on it. They also have dishes that include combinations of skewer-grilled pork, beef, and chicken meat. Some of their other popular dishes include tacos and grilled mutton. At Jolly-Pad, you can enjoy the atmosphere of an American bar together with cuisine from all over the world.

Basic Information

Harmonica Alley Main Road, 1-1-2 Honmachi, Kichijouji, Musashino, Tokyo
17:30-25:00 (Last order for foods 23:30 / drinks 24:00)
Open year-round
BBQ char-grilled skewer combo: 1,300 yen
Lamb loin chops with vegetables: 950 yen (1 serving) *Need to order 2 servings or more
Credit Card
Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX


  • FromKichijouji Station
    Approximately 1 minute walk