"Nichiyo-ichi" sunday market (Kochi)

Category: Souvenir Groceries
Area: Kochi Kochi-shi

"Nichiyo-ichi" sunday market (Kochi)

"Nichiyo-ichi" is a market held every sunday in Kochi city, Kochi prefecture. Taking place alongside the street of Otesuji nearby the Kochi Castle and Hirome Market, its history is long with it being said to have started back in 1690. The lining shops extend nearly as long as 1km, making it the longest street market in Japan. With many stores mainly selling local commodities, it's not unusual to come across unexpected bargains since various other goods such as prepared foods, garden plants, Tosa knives, are also available. The distinctive bustling air of the market is also one of its appeals, and above all, it's simply fun to shop and enjoy joyful conversations with open-hearted store staff members. It's also perfect for going on an eating tour, with plenty of gourmet dishes representing the local food culture. Though the market is held from early morning until sunset, hot-selling items may sell out early on, so make sure to plan your visit in the morning hours.

Basic Information

Otesuji, Kochi-shi, Kochi
088-823-9456 (Kochi City Industrial Policy Department Street Market Section)
Summer Time (April to September) : 5:00~18:00
Winter Time (October to March) : 5:30~17:00
Monday to Saturday
January 1st, 2nd
August 10th to 12th


  • FromJR Kochi Station
    about 13 minute walk
  • FromTosaden Kotsu Hasuikemachidori Station
    about 5 minute walk
Category: Souvenir Groceries
Area: Kochi Kochi-shi

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