Shirara-yu is a communal bathhouse in the Nanki Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture. Shirara-yu is part of the Shirahama Onsen area — one the "Three Ancient Springs" of Japan.
The bathhouse whose two-story wooden construction carries a nostalgic aesthetic, is located along the Shirara-hama beach, a popular leisure destination for recreational swimmers. The first floor is a rest area, with the bath located on the second floor. The milky bath water is drawn directly from the hot spring source. On the surface of the natural spring water, you will see a white mineral residue, called Yunohana, or "hot water flowers" in Japanese. Shirara-yu is a blissful place to ease your mind and body.
Besides its history and soothing waters, Shirara-yu also boasts a scenic location right in front of the beautiful Shirara-hama beach. The bathhouse’s rest area overlooks the beach. Take a stroll along Shirara-hama beach after bathing and soak up the wonderful view.

(Photo courtesy: Nanki Shirahama Tourism Bureau) 

Basic Information

3313 Shirahama-cho, Nishi Muro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture						
7:00 ~ 22:00 (last entry 9:30PM)
adults (ages 12 and above):¥420
students (ages 6 to 11) : ¥140
pre-schoolers (ages 3 to 6) : ¥80
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  • FromShirahama Station (JR Kisei Honsen Line)
    Take Meikou Bus bound for Sandanbeki or Shin-yuzaki → alight at【Shirahama】bus stop. Short walk from the bus stop.