Nangusuku Castle Park

Nangusuku Castle Park is located in Nago City, northern Okinawa. It used to be the castle of the Nago Aji who governed Nago City, and is currently maintained as a park. (Aji means the ruling family, like a lord of a manor in the feudal period). While Nangusuku Castle did not have stone fortifications, it dug double trenches around itself for defense. Although hardly anything remains from ancient times, the park is full of wonderful areas for relaxing in nature, such as the recreation square and Seseragi square. The view from the observation deck is spectacular, where you can enjoy commanding views of Nago city and the East China Sea.

The park is also known for one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Okinawa, and Nago Sakura Festival is held every January. Within the premises, about 20,000 Cherry trees will be in bloom. The park is also listed among the "100 Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Japan", and when they are in full bloom, the entire park is colored in a vivid pink.

Basic Information

5511 Aza-Nago, Nago, Okinawa