Roadside station Kudoyama

Roadside station Kudoyama

"Roadside station Kakinosato Kudoyama" is located in Kudoyama town in northern Wakayama Prefecture. It has a World Heritage Information Center, a fresh farmer's market, and a bakery cafe.
The World Heritage Information Center is definitely worth a visit inside the building. The information center provides information as the information stop for "World Heritage town Kudoyama " and the home of the sacred area of Japanese Buddhism "Koyasan", located in Ito-gun. The venue has three areas within it - the "Kudoyama", "Choishi-michi", and "Koyasan" zones - and each of them educates visitors with information panels on the history, beauty, and attractions of the Kudoyama and Koyasan region.
In addition, there is a shop called the "Bakery Cafe Persimmon" selling "kaki bread" made from "kaki" (persimmon), a specialty fruit of Kudoyama, and a fresh farmer's market " Yottette" where you can buy local products and processed foods.
Kudoyama town is a place deeply connected to Yukimura Sanada, a well-known general of the Warring-states period of Japan. Every May, the "Kishu Kudoyama Sanada Festival" is held on the open lawn space of "Kakinosato Kudoyama". The highly recommended warrior procession in which participants walk through the city dressed in armor is great to see. 

(Photo Courtesy: Kudoyama-cho Wakayama Prefecture)

Basic Information

5-5 Nyugou, Kudoyama-cho, Ito-gun, Wakayama Prefecture
New Year holidays (1/1〜1/3)
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  • FromHanwa Expressway Miharakita Interchange
    about 60 minute drive
  • FromNankai Railway Kudoyama station
    about 13 minutes by foot