Sanada Strap Factory

"Sanada Himo-kobo", or Sanada Strap Factory is located in Kudoyama town, in the northern part of Wakayama Prefecture. You can see how the traditional craft of "Sanada straps"  are woven and even try making one.
Originally, Sanada straps were used for utilitarian purposes such as binding parcels, but gradually they became used for decorative purposes such as kimono "obi" straps or ornaments for tea utensils. After the battle of Sekigahara, it is said that the straps became a good income source for both Masayuki & Yukimura Sanada, the warlords who were forced to spend a long life of exile in Kudoyama. While Single-layered weave is the original style, using multiple strands and weaving them into a bag-like shape gradually increased in popularity. This complex manufacturing method resulted in an item of beauty that was functional at the same time.
At the factory you can not only visit, but also participate in a workshop. How about making a Sanada strap while remembering the Sanada family, who regained their reputation in the Siege of Osaka after being confined in Kudoyama.

(Photo Courtesy: Kudoyama-cho, Wakayama)

Basic Information

1390 Kudoyama, Kudoyama-cho, Ito-gun, Wakayama-ken
0736-54-2237 (Kudoyama Town Central Community Center)
Every third Saturday and Sunday: Kudoyama Town Central Community Center closed
Sanada strap making workshop: 500 yen
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  • FromNankai Railway Kudoyama station
    About 7 minutes on foot