Ryogoku -EDO NOREN-

"Ryogoku -EDO NOREN-", located in Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo. "Ryogoku -EDO NOREN-", created by JR Higashi Japan City Development, is a collection of 12 shops and business establishments, based around the concept of "Experience the Refined Cuisine of Edo". Visitors can enjoy Edo gourmet dishes such as fukagawa-meshi (rice with clams), chanko (sumo stew) and monjya-yaki (savoury pancake). Located near the Sumo holy ground, Ryogoku, the facility is notable for the sumo arena located at its center. Encircling this arena are all kinds of shops offering Edo gourmet. This spot is visited by large numbers of sightseers on both weekdays and weekends. While you cannot enter the sumo arena itself, it is popular as a photo spot. There are recommended photo spots set up throughout the building that allow the spirit of Edo to fill your photos. A souvenir corner is set up alongside the Ryogoku information desk inside the building, allowing it also to function as a facility to support tourism in Ryogoku.

Basic Information

1 Chome 3-20, Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo.  
※Store Business Hours May Differ
January 1st and 2nd. Store Inspection Days (Not Fixed)


  • FromJR Ryogoku Station
    Direct Access

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