Sounkyo Onsen Ice Fall Festival

Sounkyo Onsen Ice Fall Festival

The Sounkyo Onsen Ice Fall Festival is held between late January and mid March in the central Hokkaido region. It is one of the Three Snow Festivals of Hokkaido, and is known for its decadent ice sculpture exhibitions and fun ice activities. The annual “main ice sculptures” are a must-see. The theme of the sculpture varies every year, and they are usually so big that you can enter inside them and explore. The insides of these sculptures are like huge ice caves, and you can even find icicles forming on the ceilings. There is even an Ice Shrine that is completely made of ice. It is said to be good luck if you make an offering to the sphere of ice located inside the shrine. At the entrance of the venue, there is a photography booth. There, you can take a photo to commemorate your visit to the Ice Fall Festival, and even receive a certificate for withstanding the extreme cold. Make sure to dress in layers to keep warm throughout the festival.

Basic Information

Sounkyo-onsen, Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
Late January to mid March
¥300 donation fee
*includes a postcard and a ¥100 discount ticket for 1 hot drink
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  • FromKamikawa Forest Terrace Dohoku Bus Stop (Dohoku Bus)
    【Kamikawa Forest Terrace Bus Stop】Dohoku Bus / for Kamikawa・Sounkyo
    →【Sounkyo Onsen Bus Stop】→ about a 5-minute walk

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