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Highlights of Road Station Biei “Shirokane Birke”
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Enjoying Nature【Lawn Square】
Exploring Biei Town with [Bike Rentals]
There is still more to Road Station Biei “Shirokane Birke”

The Biei / Shirokane area is famous for its Blue Pond, a hot spot that attracts tourists from all over the world. The second roadside station, Biei “Shirokane Birke”, opened in May 2018. Shirokane Birke, which is also easily accessible from the Blue Pond, is the center of tourism information for Biei. Why not buy souvenirs, enjoy Biei gourmet food, and enjoy the nature? Because it is the first anniversary since the opening, we will introduce the different ways to enjoy Shirokane Birke, a roadside station that is increasingly gaining popularity.

The second Roadside Station Biei, "Shirokane Birke", born in Biei

Shirokane Birke Panoramic View

Modern Roadside Station Biei "Shirokane Birke" (Photo: Roadside Station Biei "Shirokane Birke")

The concept is "Delicious! Fun! Beautiful!"

To the new sightseeing spots in Biei town, famous for its “Blue Pond”, is a beautiful town surrounded by nature that has not only many scenic spots but also fresh and delicious vegetables. In Biei, there was originally a roadside station called Biei “Oka no Kura” near Biei Station, but since the number of tourists visiting the blue pond in the Shirokane area increased, the second Biei Road Station, “Shirokane Birke”, was born.

“Shirokane Birke” was opened as an information transmission base, with the concept of “Delicious! Fun! Beautiful!”, to convey the charm of Biei to the people visiting “Blue Pond”. The roadside station shows off seasonal charms, limited to “Shirokane Birke”, such as Biei’s food, activities, and scenery. This time, through Shirokane Birke, we will introduce the charm of Biei town.

The meaning of the name "Shirokane Birke"

“Shirokane Birke” was named after the predecessor of the facility’s name, “Shirokane Information Center” of “Birke Forest”. Biei town is called, “Platinum”, or “Shirokane”, and “Birke” is the German name for a birch tree.

 row of birch trees in Biei town

row of birch trees in Biei town

The name “Shirokane Birke” includes the wish for further development of the Shirokane area, and the prosperity of Biei Town as a whole. People who have visited the Shirokane area have a strong desire to communicate the charms of Biei town outside of the Shirokane area.

2 minutes by car from the “Blue Pond”! The great location makes it all the better

Biei town’s Blue Pond

Biei Town's tourist attraction, the “Blue Pond” was used for the MacBook desktop background

Road Station Biei, “Shirokane Birke”, is a 2-minute drive from the “Blue Pond”, which is a famous sightseeing spot with a spectacular view. The great location is one of the attractions of this facility. It is a perfect spot to stop by when visiting the Blue Pond, and many of the Blue Pond goods unique to Biei town are sold at the shop in the facility.

it is recommended to visit Biei-cho by cycling from Shirokane Birke with the bicycle rentals.

Highlights of Road Station Biei “Shirokane Birke”

Biei town version of Mokeke

A large stuffed Mokeke toy placed inside the facility

Shirokane Birke is characterized by its soaring spire. Not only are there shops packed with the charms of Biei-cho, but also tips for enjoying Biei-cho and a plaza where you can interact with nature.
From here, we will introduce the recommended stores and ways to enjoy them.

A shop with the English name “Blue Pond”

As the name suggests, the store has goods related to the Blue Pond. For example, blue pond jigsaw puzzles, beautiful keychains that contain a blue pond in a jar, blue foods, and more ...

Blue Pond Cider

Blue Hawaii flavored “Blue Pond Cider” (210 Yen / Bottle)

The most popular are Blue Pond gourmet foods, including “Blue Pond Shortbread” and the “Blue Pond Cider”. They are perfect as a souvenir or to eat and drink on the spot.
You can also get the Blue Pond version of the character “Mokeke” featuring long arms and a lovely expression.

Mokeke Keyholder

Locally Limited Edition Mokeke Keyholder

Enjoy “Delicious” at Biei’s “BETWEEN THE BREAD”


Located in Shirokane Birke, “BETWEEN THE BREAD”

If you want to visit Biei-cho, you do not want to miss the affordable, delicious gourmet food. I would like to recommend “BETWEEN THE BREAD”, a store in Shirokane Birke.
The signature dish, “BTB Burger”, uses Biei wheat for the buns, and vegetables from Biei depending on the season. Enjoy an exquisite burger filled with the deliciousness of Biei.

BTB Burger

”BTB Burger” set includes slightly sweet potatoes

At “BETWEEN THE BREAD”, they not only sell food but they also original glasses, as well as apparel goods.

In addition, there are restaurants in Shirokane Birke, such as “Karamatsu”, where you can taste their “Tonjiru Rice Set” and “Wheat Field and Blue Pond”, where you can enjoy a “Blue Pond Cider Float”. Please try the specialties unique to Biei Town.

Leave the outdoor products to them! "Biei Shirokane Birke THE NORTH FACE Corner"


From camping to mountaineering, they have everything you need for the outdoors

Hokkaido is rich in nature. Many people go through the Shirokane area to enjoy the outdoors, such as climbing Mt Tokachidake.At Shirokane Birke, there is also an American outdoor brand, “THE NORTH FACE”, store.
Items range from full-scale mountaineering goods to apparel and accessories. The line-up will make tourists who enjoy nature very fulfilled.

Adults can also enjoy returning to their childhood at the “Lawn Square”

Open lawn space behind the building

Spacious open lawn space

The Lawn Square, spread out behind the Shirokane Birke building, is a place where not only children but also adults can enjoy. While surrounded by nature, you can play with a huge hammock and a slackline for tightrope sports.
In the square, there are table tennis tables, jump boxes, organs, xylophones, Jenga, and other items that were placed in the nearby, now closed, elementary school. Moving your body after enjoying the shops and restaurants is one way to enjoy Biei.

Xylophone on lawn square

Play the xylophone freely

Table tennis in the open lawn space

Try refreshing your body after driving with table tennis

There are many benches and tables so you can enjoy the gourmet foods purchased at restaurants.
In addition, a dog area has been newly installed in front of the Shirokane Birke building. Perfect for sightseeing in Biei with your dog.

A camper site is also set up in one corner, so you can enjoy a variety of activities all day long. Plan a Biei-cho sightseeing trip based on the roadside station Biei “Shirokane Birke”.

Exploring Biei Town with bike rentals

Electric Bicycles

Get comfortable sightseeing Biei with electric bicycles

The facility also offers bicycle rentals so that visitors can enjoy the Shirokane area even more.You can see the different kinds of bicycles and rent them at the general information center.

【Bicycle Rental Price List】
・Electric Bicycles:1000yen / 1 hour
・Road Bikes:3000yen~ / 1 day
・Cross Bikes:3000yen~ / 1 day
・Fat Bikes(Only available in the winter):1000yen~ / 1 hour

It takes about 8 minutes by bicycle from Shirokane Birke to the Blue Pond. Since there are not so many hills, you can enjoy cycling while enjoying the beauty of Biei.
Cycling along the Biei River is also recommended for those who want to enjoy the beauty of Biei. When the weather is nice, you can see the beautiful Biei River shining in a sparkling blue, almost as blue as the Blue Pond.

Shirokane Birke is fully equipped with facilities for cycling. There is a shower room to rinse off sweat after cycling, and a coin launderette to wash clothes that are dirty. When you stop at Shirokane Birke, let's enjoy the nature of the Shirokane area using the rental bikes.

Shirokane Birke’s Rental Lockers

You can leave your luggage in a coin locker when using a bicycle

There is still more to Road Station Biei “Shirokane Birke”

The charm of Biei-cho in the winter

Shirokane Birke has a VR corner where you can experience Biei in the winter. In VR, the beautiful scenery of Biei covered in snow advertises the beauty of Biei town in the winter.

Shirokane Birke VR equipment

Experience the beauty of Biei-cho in winter with VR

Currently, it offers mainly summer activities, such as a primeval forest walk and patchwork walking through Biei no Oka, but in the future, more versions, such as a snowmobile experience at Shirokane Park Golf Course will be installed. If you are interested in the activity information, please check the Official website of Biei Road Station “Shirokane Birke”.

Summer vegetables for sale…?

Biei is famous for its variety of fresh vegetables grown in a climate with intense temperature differences. If you want to take home the Biei-made vegetables, the facility also sells summer vegetables, such as tomatoes and fresh shiitake mushrooms. The company plans to increase the number of vegetables in the future.
Shirokane Birke plans various events and facilities to meet the needs of the tourists.It is hard to keep your eyes off of the neverending changes.

Discover the charms of Biei at Road Station Biei "Shirokane Birke"

One year has passed since the opening of the concept of “Delicious! Fun! Beautiful!” at “Shirokane Birke”.
You can buy hamburgers, souvenirs, Biei's original gourmet, outdoor goods, have fun on the open lawn space, and enjoy cycling in the Shirokane area.
Please visit Road Station Biei “Shirokane Birke” and discover the charm of Biei-cho.

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