Shiretoko Five Lakes

The Shiretoko Five Lakes is located in the town of Shari in Hokkaido. The lakes are a part of the Shiretoko National Park, and are collectively one of Shiretoko’s eight scenic spots. There are two routes to enjoy the view of these lakes. The first is the Elevated Wooden Path, which is a 1.6 kilometers walk. The path is surrounded by a protective fence, creating a safe walking environment despite the bears that live in the area. From this path, you can get a view of the first of the five lakes. The second route is the Ground Path. The Ground Path is a loop course, measuring 3 kilometers in circumference. Through this course, you can see all five of the lakes. Within a 6 kilometer radius of the Shiretoko Five Lakes, you can find other sites like Mount Shiretoko-io, an active volcano, and Mount Rausu, the highest mountain of the Shiretoko Mountain Range.

Basic Information

Iwaubetsu, Onnebetsu-mura, Shari-cho, Shari-gun, Hokkaido
Paths closed in the winter 


  • FromUtoro Port
    〈By car〉
    about a 20-minute drive
    〈By shuttle bus〉
    【Shiretoko Nature Center】by shuttle bus

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