1. Hilton Tokyo Marble Lounge
2.Bitter Sweets Buffet
3. Takano Fruit Parlor
4. ALL C’s Café
5. International Restaurant The Terrace

Buffets don’t always have to be just savory foods! In Tokyo, you can find many buffets dedicated wholly to desserts. From more luxurious buffets for special occasions to casual ones for a spontaneous dessert craving, there is a dessert buffet for you!

Hilton Tokyo Marble Lounge: Fancy Sweets for your Fancier Days!

Dessert buffet at Hilton Tokyo Marble Lounge

The dessert buffet at the Hilton Tokyo Marble Lounge will make you feel like a princess. The buffet changes up its theme every season, and is popular year-round. Not only is the dessert delicious, but the overall atmosphere of the Marble Lounge exudes elegance.

Between June 30 and September 30, the theme of the dessert buffet is “Japonism ~Macarons over Flowers~”. The sweets are inspired by the retro and romantic 1910s to 1920s Japan.

The dessert buffet at the Hilton Tokyo Marble Lounge has everything from cakes to ice cream to macarons to even their original creations.

Bitter Sweets Buffet: Freshly-Made & Budget-Friendly

Bitter Sweets Buffet

Bitter Sweets Buffet has both desserts and savory foods, and the dishes are fresh-made with seasonal ingredients. You would think such high quality would come with a high price, but Bitter Sweets Buffet is actually one of the more affordable options on this list!

As for the desserts, you can of course pick and choose what you want from what’s already made. As for the waffles and crepes, you can have them made right before your eyes so you can have them fresh and hot.

If you’ve had enough desserts, you can head on to the salad bar or get yourself some pasta. With so much to choose from, there is something for everybody at Bitter Sweets Buffet.

Have some Delis too!

Bitter Sweets Buffet has great seasonal deals, too. In the spring, there is an all-you-can-eat strawberries event.

Takano Fruit Parlor: Seasonal Fruits & Summery Desserts

Takano Fruit Parlor in Shinjuku

Takano Fruit Parlor has a long history of over 130 years and specializes in fruits. At the dessert buffet, you can enjoy parfaits and other sweets that use seasonal fruits.

At the dessert buffet at Takano Fruit Parlor, you can eat fruits to your hearts content at the “fruits bar”. The “fruits bar” is essentially a buffet of the freshest seasonal fruits.

Seasonal menu at Takano Fruit Parlor

From May 1 (Tues.) to June 30 (Sat.), the seasonal menu at Takano Fruit Parlor uses muskmelons. The muskmelon parfait is simple yet packed with muskmelon goodness.

ALL C’s Café: 3 Hours of Dessert Heaven

A cake at ALL C's Cafe

At ALL C’S Café, you can indulge in cute sweets like the one above. There are other adorable sweets like a bunny parfait and a candy house.

The three-hour limit at ALL C’s Café is longer than most dessert buffets. Relax and eat all the dessert that you want to for three whole hours!

ALL C's Café’s Santa Claus cake

You can participate in a cookie decoration course at ALL C’s Café. Grab four or more friends and spend a fun afternoon of icing cookies! Participation is \3500 per person.

International Restaurant The Terrace: For an Exquisite, Luxurious Dessert Experience

Matcha Dessert Buffet at The Terrace

The dessert buffet at the International Restaurant The Terrace, the menus and themes change monthly to bimonthly. The desserts at this buffet are of exceptional quality, and the themes are always unique and fascinating.
The themes at The Terrace’s dessert buffets usually revolve around one ingredient or food.

Between May 1 (Tue.) and June 29 (Fri.), The Terrace is having a matcha-centered buffet. At the “Matcha Dessert Buffet”, you can enjoy all the green tea flavored desserts. This is perfect for those who want a slight bit of bitterness in their desserts.

From July 2 (Mon.) to July 31 (Tues.), The Terrace will have a Cheese Dessert Buffet. You’ll be surprised at how well cheese can be incorporated into desserts!

Cheese Dessert Buffet at The Terrace

The dessert buffet at The Terrace is only open on weekdays between 3:00p.m. and 5:00p.m.

Enjoy a sweeter side of Tokyo by visiting one or more of these dessert buffets! Enjoy the cute cakes and endless supply of desserts during your Tokyo stay.

Decorated cake at ALL C's Cafe