Yumeji Cafe Minatoya


"Yumeji Café Minatoya" is located in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. It is a cafe adjacent to the "Yayoi Museum" and the "Takehisa Yumeji Museum or Art". The cafe was named after "Minatoya Ezoshiten," a daily necessities store owned by Takehisa Yumeji in Nihonbashi of the Taisho era. The menu includes home-made curry and cake. Another popular item is the "Yume-no-ato cappuccino" themed with Yumeji; latte art of roses and camellias rendered on the cappuccino. The café collaborates with Takehisa Yumeji Museum of Art to hold a popular monthly event, called "Roman Photo Exhibitions". You can have your pictures taken in an old-fashioned kimono with the courtyard and harbor in the background. The fees are 30,000 yen for a woman and 20,000 for a man. The prices include rental kimono, hair and makeup, and data of 5 photos.

Basic Information

2-4-3 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0032 
10:30 am to 5:30 pm (Last order: 5: 00 pm)
the same as the calendar of Yayoi Museum and Takehisa Yumeji Museum of Art
・ Yumeji Blend (hot or ice): 400 yen
・ Cafe au lait (hotorice):480 yen
・ Yume-no Ato (Cappuccino):500 yen
・ Yasai-no Amami  Gisshiri Curry (curry full of vegetable sweetness) :730 yen / with coffee or  black tea: 880 yen
・ Cake set ( coffeeor black tea): 780 yen
Credit Card
Not accepted


  • FromSubway Chiyoda Line Nezu Station
    From Exit 1 walk (approximately 7 minute)
  • FromSubway Nanboku Line Todaimae Station
    Exit 1 walk (approximately 7 minute)